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Unsealed docs show Obama knew about Flynn spying, FBI conspired to target Flynn

Police state

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None of this could have been pulled off without his full knowledge, consent and approval. They were unmasking and leaking the info, too. This should be fun to watch Obaman n company sweat it out.

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I don't put much faith in, but, I agree. Obama knew SOOO much more than Trump even WANTS to know ... (or is capable of knowing ;-).

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Prosecutors very often know the answers to their questions.

Flynn agreed to the interview, then lied, then pled guilty to the lying.

Pretty simple.

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"Did the FBI play hardball? Yeah. Guess what? The FBI plays hardball. And guess what? If you are talking to the FBI — and a lot of lawyers would say don’t talk to them unless you have to — don’t lie"

- Chris Wallace on Fox News

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FBI conspired to target Flynn

It's the FBI's job to target felons, retard. That conspiracy you're talking about is sometimes referred to as the law.

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I want Obama subpoenaed and called on the carpet for this. We deserve answers: what did he know and when did he know it? Who's brainchild was this? and a whole lot more. This couldn't have been done without his full knowledge, consent and approval.

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As reported over 3 years ago, the calls were recorded as part of surveillance on Russians.

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BurritoLunch(6400) Clarified
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As reported over 3 years ago, the calls were recorded as part of surveillance on Russians.

9/11 was an inside job.

Meet the dancing Israelis:- september-11-2001-1.829220

From the FBI report on their arrest:-

1) Explosives traces, "positive result" yielded by "trained bomb-sniffing dog", Sivan and Paul Kurzberg / Ellner / Shmuel / Marmari / Urban Moving Systems white van.

2) Cameras, Israelis had brought a Canon EOS SLR and Pentax P550 with them on 9/11.

3) Eyewitness, Israelis in jovial mood, hugging, high-fiving, filming atop white van shortly after first impact.

4) Israelis, "visibly happy on nearly all" of the photographs.

5) Kurzberg, Sivan, proven lie, claimed went on Urban's roof after first impact, then "caught in heavy traffic", then at Doric between 10:00am and 12:00pm.

6) Shmuel, Yaron, proven lie, claimed to have been on the "West Side Highway" (Route 9A in New York City)

7) Urban Moving Systems, a "possible fraudulent operation" that exhibited "little evidence of a legitimate business operation."

8) Urban Moving Systems, individual was given a "really nice camera" with a "big lens" shortly before 9/11.

9) Urban Moving Systems, Israeli nationals' unscheduled trip to vicinity of the "Flight 93" crash site in the early hours of 9/11.

10) Eyewitness, Israelis had a video camera, were "panning the area".

11) Ellner, Oded, revealed that the advantage of filming from Doric Towers was that it provided "a view of the entire length of both towers", even though they went there before the South Tower was hit.

12) Ellner, Oded, proven lie, claimed to have stopped at a Gulf gas station after hearing of first plane crash but before being seen "celebrating" and filming at Doric Towers.

13) Urban Moving Systems, Israeli employee said, "Give us twenty years and we'll take over your media and destroy your country".

14) The number of discrepancies in the statements made by the five (5) Israelis continues to increase.

15) FBI-NK noted the unusually large number of computers relative to the number of employees for such a fairly small business. Further investigation identified several pseudo-names or aliases associated with Urban Moving Systems and its operations.

16) During the search conducted by the WPD, it was revealed that the building and all of its contents had been abandoned by the owner of Urban Moving Systems.

17) Denials and deception over the alleged usage of a video camera.

18) Noticeably positive reaction demonstrated by the Israeli detainees to the explosions at WTC.

Full transcript:- ts

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Carter Page and Flynn are not Russians.


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The most interesting part is that somehow your job seems to be reading Fox News articles to their illiterate fans...

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Leslie Robertson, one of the two original structural engineers for the World Trade Center, is asked at a conference in Frankfurt, Germany what he had done to protect the Twin Towers from terrorist attacks. He replies, “I designed it for a 707 to smash into it,” though does not elaborate further. [CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 9/12/2001; KNIGHT RIDDER]

The Twin Towers were in fact the first structures outside the military and nuclear industries designed to resist the impact of a jet airplane. [ROBERTSON, 3/2002; FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY, 5/1/2002, PP. 1-17]

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"I designed it for a 707"

Already addressed

a 707 is not a 767

If only there was a debate created for this topic - oh right, there was, and you banned me from it because you don't know what you are talking about and can't actually debate.

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