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Vacation Destination, Dubai or Maldives

Which one is the better vacation spot and why?

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Maldives. Why? Because if you go to Dubai you may not be allowed to come back.

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That kinda happened to my dad's boss. He stayed in Dubai for an extra week because one of the kings or what have you was interested in being a client for my father's company. They were apparently really nice.

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Staying an extra week in Dubai is like hiring a virgin prostitute who looks like a young (and healthier looking) Angelina Jolie, and doesn't put out. In other words, unsatisfactory-awesome.

And, what the heck is a Maldives anyway? Sounds like something you can get at Starbucks.

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I think the Maldives are a better vacation spot. They look amazing and seem to have everything a relaxing vacationer would want. I've never been to either but I heard Dubai is a bit overdone, but the Maldives look amazing. Check out the picture below, I mean who wouldn't want to be there?

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