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Vaccines are directly linked to autism in children

There are a lot of people, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey probably the most visable at this piont,  who claim that after receiving vaccines their children developed autism and they point to a steady rise in autism. They claim that vaccines are acutally a conspiracy by big pharmacutical companys to make a profit off sick kids. All children need to get common childhood diseases, such as the measals, to build immunity. Critics say it is impossible to develope autism in the way described, vaccines companys make too slim of profits for the conspiracy to be viable, and it's unethical for children to have to suffer through diseases, many of which can be deadly. They also say that there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, and the rise in diagnosed cases can be attributed to the broadening of the definition of "autism" not to an outbreak.

My kids not getting one

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My kid is getting them all

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I'm mostly on this side because the other option, "my kid is getting them ALL." My kid might get one or two, for the very reason that stupid schools REQUIRE certain vaccinations (measles and something else) in order to let the child in... same required to get into high school...and college. It's pretty ridiculous. But my child is definiteliy not getting more than they need. I myself won't even get the Flu vaccines or any of the stupid vaccines going around that people are saying I Should get because I'm the right gender in the right age range and blah blah. I'm never a "just in case" type of person because studies are small.

However, it might be more of a coincidence of more children getting Autism these days, rather than it being from the vaccines. But personally, it might be more complicated causes of the vaccines specifically causing autism. I mean, there's more kids today with autism compared to 2 decades ago, how come? I'm pretty sure in the 80s the vaccines were around too and they were mandatory. Maybe it depends on the age of the child... as if the combination or just one vaccine is affecting some characteristics within the child that aren't fully developed, thus causing autism. Or maybe autistic cases are just rising from genetic problems or diseases the same way more and more women are getting breast and cervical cancer all of a sudden.

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kidinbed(9) Disputed
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For the first paragraph I disagree that measles is an unreasonable vaccine for kids to have. The disease has been almost irradiated yet it still persists because not enough children are vaccinated for it. As for your aversion to getting the flu shot, you are obviously not familiar with Heard immunity. In order for a vaccine to be effective a majority of the population needs to have it. You don't get vaccinated just because you might catch something, it's because you might carry it and give it to someone else. Like some one for whom that seasons vaccine doesn't work for or even worse for some one with a weak immune system like small children or elderly people who could die from something like the flu. So not getting vaccinated is a pretty selfish thing to do, especially if you have no good reason like an allergy or something.

As for the second paragraph if you actually read my summary, it addressees your apprehensions. There are more cases of autism now than in the past because of an expansion of the scope of the definition of autism.

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So, you're saying everyone should get the vaccines for the benefit of society even if by some freak occurance it manages to kill or ruin some of the people getting the vaccine? Ya know the new HPV vaccine going around for women? Would you apply the same Heard immunity theory to that one? I wouldn't.

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I think it is a combinitation of genetic predisposition and vaccines. I am autistic so I know.

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Supporting Evidence: Autism rates 1:68 (
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There are many many side effects, sometimes even death from these vaccines. There is a database called VAERS that all side effects are supposed to be reported. You can assume that not everyone reports them but it's a good starting point to research.

Vaccine manufacturers are not able to be sued for vaccine injuries and the government has a fund set up to payout vaccine injuries which are extremely hard to prove. This is called the vaccine injury compensation fund, essentially vaccine court

There are many studies that show evidence of vaccines causing autism

30 Scientific Studies That Demonstrate Vaccines can cause autism...:

Supporting Evidence: Vaccine injury compensation fund (
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justicebaker Disputed
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There are many many side effects, sometimes even death from these vaccines.

I guarantee you there are more deaths from not taking the vaccines. If you want to believe the government is trying to mind control you with drugs disguised as vaccines then that's awesome, but you're still a dumb fuck that is going to contract tuberculosis.

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Agirlwithcak(3) Disputed
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Your guarantee means nothing. In fact in America there are not "more deaths from not taking the vaccine" there is no way to measure that. There is no way to know if someone who took the vaccine would've contracted the disease without the vaccine. Or if someone who died from an illness would've prevented it with a vaccine.

And saying I'm gonna die from tuberculosis is especially ignorant as we don't even vaccinate here for tuberculosis.

Bwahaaa but maybe you have had your TB VACCINE that is why your so .smart that you guaranteed me

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I know a child with High Intensity Autism, and this is the reason he developed that issue. Which is very sad. He's a nice child, and has a great attitude, but he'll never be able to live a fully independent life.

Hell no am I gonna give my kids this crap. I don't think it's a conspiracy, but it is upsetting.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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How do you know vaccines caused his autism?

We still don't know what causes the disorder.

Supporting Evidence: Causes of Autism (
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The science is on this side of the debate. No link has been shown. This whole thing is just typical media hysteria.

Vaccinations are important because they protect us from fatal diseases and prevent widespread outbreaks. Foregoing them is dangerous and irresponsible.

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3chords(6) Disputed
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I'm afraid you have had the wool pulled over your eyes my friend. You need to watch Vaxxed the Movie for a start. Then move on to finding out much more about vaccines and especially the MMR. Here are some indisputable facts that you can research yourself.

Canada had an MMR vaccine withdrawn because of it's link to possible Menningitis (a disease related to the brain). Similar thing in the UK and Japan.

Around 1986 Pharmaceuticals went to the USA government asking for immunity from lawsuits for vaccine products. They got what they wanted. Since then the vaccination program has grown massively (I wonder why?)

No study has been done on MMR vaccinated children with a non vaccinated control group to look at the difference in levels of autism. That's the obvious study to do.

There's loads more to know that you don't yet know so I don't have space. What I will say is that I agree about the media hysteria - that hysteria is around the "outbreaks" that we will face if we don't have vaccinations. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that there is big money involved here and I ask you to consider whether you might be being a tad naive when it comes to this ?

Did you know for example that the journalist Brian Deer who was largely responsible for making out Andrew Wakefield's research was fraudulent was also working for the Sunday Times? On the board of the Sunday Times was Rupert Murdoch's son who was also on the board of Glaxo Smith Kline , who produced the MMR vaccine.

I'm not saying that MMR causes Autism because the research has yet to be done properly. I'm saying there's enough evidence for serious doubt and until it happens to your family then it's very difficult to imagine that established medicine is not all what it seems to be. I cannot emphasize to you enough that you need to be highly skeptical of a lot of so called "research". Much of it is biased and funded in the background by corporations.

I hope I haven't patronized you or offended you , but trust me , there's so much you don't yet know. Find out for yourself and put aside your blind faith of the system.

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While growing up, my mother believed that shots could prevent the worse of diseases and aid in my healthy growth. However, before doing so she would research and find out the side effects that the shots could have, and whether it would be beneficial to get it or not. As the article “Almost half of U.S. children not getting vaccinated in timely fashion” stated, “Most parents agreed that vaccines protect their child(ren) from diseases; however, more than half of the respondents also expressed concerns regarding serious adverse effects, such as autism. Overall, 11.5% of the parents had refused at least 1 recommended vaccine.” In today’s society, we are finding that many people have stopped taking shots and the recommended medicine doctors have prescribed, fearing that they are root causes to some of the major illnesses and disabilities. This started when multiple articles came out about Autism and other mental disorders becoming more common due to vaccines, the top ones being measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. As the article “Multiple Vaccines Safe, Not Linked to Autism” on Medscape News Today stated, “Starting in the late 1990s, there was concern that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine caused autism. Now, 12 studies have shown clearly that there is no relationship between receiving that vaccine and the development of autism.” However, we are now seeing that by not taking these vaccines, major illnesses are starting to reappears. According to Gary Freed’s article “Parental Vaccine Safety in 2009”, “The number of children who were late on at least one vaccine, such as for measles, mumps and rubella and diphtheria, tetanus and peruses shots, rose from 42 percent to an uncomfortable 54 percent.” If this continues, we may find ourselves in another epidemic such the ones we have seen in the past. Vaccines are just another modern achievement that is present today that have helped overcome major diseases. With the ever changing world, these vaccines are going to improve and advance; however, just like any other “new product” it will be attached to negative attributes.

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