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 Vandalism of Jewish Graves (2)

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Vandalism of Jewish Graves

So, for the past week, I have seen articles and pictures of Jewish graves desecrated. Why would anyone want to do something like that? Doesn't matter if they are Jewish or not. Turning over tomb stones?

How would you like for someone to piss upon your grave?

Why would anyone want to do this?
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Because they are ugly individuals. They think their path is the only path and anyone who deviates from it is considered a lesser being. They believe in only what they want to believe and are either afraid of or hate others who have their own minds and thoughts. This is of course, just a guess. But basically they are cowards. Little stains on society.

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Vandalism of ANY type of grave is simply wrong. The dead can't defend themselves, the family and friends who miss them shouldn't have to see that done to their graves, and the odds are it either remains permanently defaced or it ends up costing society a lot of money to try to repair the damage.

It's also terribly cowardly. If you want to take action of a sociopolitical nature then be upstanding enough to speak out and stand by your action. But night time raids on graves is about as cowardly as TPing someone's house.