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I say vegetarian is best Omnivore is not good for you
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Vegetarian is best or Omnivore is best

With all the environmental issues we have to deal with, why would anyoneSmile be an omnivore when it takes 1/2 acre of land to feed a vegetarian and six acres of land to feed an omnivore.

I say vegetarian is best

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Omnivore is not good for you

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Vegetarian is best because it is not only healthier, but it is environmentally friendly

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Its not healthier, just because most peoples main source of meat is McDonalds chicken and Burger King's burgers doesn't mean all meat is healthy. And its less friendly to the environment, giant fields of crops destroy more habitat than slaughter houses.

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nummi(1432) Disputed
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When talking about humans then vegetarianism is unhealthy, we are all omnivores. That means we need meat and vegetables.

You don't like killing animals but you enjoy killing plants? Hypocrite.

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Because meat is fucking tasty .

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Ya, true dat, there's nothin I love more than chowin down on a big fat sweaty sausage;-)

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chowin down on a big fat sweaty sausage

Um, you're still talking about meat, right? I mean sweaty... and big and fat... and kinda looking like a sausage. Ah, disgusting.

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Firstly, because Vegans and Vegetarians are tiresome sanctimonious bores.

But as an actual argument, Crops only take from the land on which their grown, they do not add. The amount of crops that would be needed to feed a growing population of Vegetarians would see the increased use of artificial fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides, etc.

The resulting destruction that would result from the land needed to grow crops and the chemical run off from the land into water supply systems, would mean a "not in my backyard" mentality, resulting in increased over use of land in third world countries, the carbon and financial costs of moving and storing that much vegetable matter, which has a short shelf life, (remember an animal can be shipped alive and will be fresh on arrival) and is sensitive to even mild impact in some cases.

The effect on our health from a vegetarian diet can include, zinc and iron deficiencies and anemia.

The point is though, that you really need to eat all food groups, unless you've some allergy.

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If it takes 1/2 an acre of land to feed a vegan, then there would be a lot more people on the planet consuming resources and contributing to global warming. If it takes 6 acres to feed a carnivore, then the world's population would have to decrease, thus less people consuming the world's resources and less people contributing towards Global Warming.

Also, large population centers breed liberals. Most densely populated cities are liberal. Think about New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. Sparsely populated areas tend to be conservative.

I vote for less people ;)

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well, meat is an important food group in the food pyramid, and so is vegetables, so both are delicious and healthy for you . ;) forgot about that didnt ya? ;)

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