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Vegetarianism vs Non-Vegetarianism

A debate that has been coming on for years and still continues to be a major question. What do you think is right and how will you react upon the opinion of your opponents?

Being Vegeterian

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Being Non-Vegetarian

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I find it hard to ethically justify the killing and eating of animals when there are perfectly good non animal products to live off of. If everyone went vegetarian, nobody would go hungry, since we wouldn't have to waste perfectly good food feeding animals to just be killed for less food. Not to mention, cows and other animals worsen climate change through methane.

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The human race evolved as hunter gathers and in many parts of the world when the crops fail populations have to depend on killing and eating their livestock for survival.

If people wish to exclude all meat' or meat derivative products from their diet that is fine.

The problem arises with this minority group when the over zealous crackpots within its midst try to force their irrational views on other people who don't share their preferred eating habits.

They aggressively, and often violently try to intimidate those legitimate trades people such as butchers and diary produce outlets to cease trading.

Like all terrorists the adherents of this dietary cult isolate their victims and try to achieve their goal through fear or actual violence as well as damaging property belonging to any business involved in the manufacture and/or marketing of animal flesh or by-products products.

Vegetarians and vegans should allow those decent, law abiding folk to promote the sale of animal flesh foodstuffs and eat to whatever they so wish in order to receive their nutrients.

The damage to the various minority groups such as vegetarians, animal rights, gay rights, Black lives matter etc., is by the fanatical extremists who wish to use any cause as a vehicle on which to gratuitously vent their congenital nauseating aggressive into the society which they infest.

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Vegetable based diet is a very bad for the humans healthyness. You lacking over 50 neutreints such ass the omega 3 fatty acids and DHA, the B12, THe heme iron and such not. Humans are carnivores and our ancestors ate the raw meats. To eating a raw meat you have the bacteria to protect your guts and you get more nuertients from a meat than from a vegetables. The liver has ten thousand more vitamins A than a carrot.

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All vegetation is on the way out because of the high CO2 levels ! So what are we going to do eliminate the dairy farms in California ?????

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