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Vegetarians and vegans are healthier than meat eaters.

So many studies have proven my assertion. Meat is high in fat and is linked to certain diseases. It is better to be a vegatarian or a vegan.

I agree.

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I disagree.

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Sure. But meat is just so tasty ...

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Meat does clog up the arteries, so, eating vegetables is the health alternative.

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Sure meat causes some problems, but it gives us protein. We need protein. Too much meat is bad but then too much anything is bad. So it is best is best if we balance everything out. But then comparing vegetarians/vegans with meat eaters, i would say meat eaters are healthier.

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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You can get protein as a vegetarian or a vegan. Shall I prove this too you?

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No. Its just a lot of meat eaters eat more fat and gristle than meat, which is how MacDonalds and KFC make their food. Actually, we need meatt. It is the only source of food where we can find the perfect balance of amino acids. (proteins)

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There is no definitive proof either way is better. Every body is different, different in metabolism, in iron count, in allergy's etc. all of which goes into how a person acquires, processes and absorbs nutrients. There are a million different diets out there and a million doctors will tell you a million different things about what is bad for you. In general to much of anything is bad for you.

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Apollo(1608) Clarified
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And the human body is not meant to eat meat. Humans are naturally, herbivores. Meat is the most wide-spread addiction in the history of humanity.

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We meat eaters do have the extra vitamins and what not to help support us... nothing against vegans and vegetarian... I love you all but I love my meats! ;D

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this is incorrect, all of our bodies are meant to eat meat, that is why animals were put on this planet is for our own selffish needs. therefore without eating meat our bodies dont have all the things we need to go on our everyday adventure.

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