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Ignore that Lib talking points
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Venezuela on ban list. They aren't Muslim

Most Muslim countries aren't on the list, and Venezuela isn't Muslim at all. Even North Korea has been on the list. Every nation on the list is either a failed regime in chaos, and unvettable, or they are Iran who has threatened to attack us and our allies.  And 2 countries on the list were removed once they met basic vetting standards.

But Democrats still call it a Muslim ban because they are dishonest, scheming maniacs.

Ignore that

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Lib talking points

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And your point is?

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The point is that calling the travel ban a Muslim ban is an inaccurate representation of the travel ban and was only called that to rile up mindless followers of the left.

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The left wouldn’t be able to rail about this at all if Trump hadn’t presented it in the stupidest, most decisive way.

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OmegaPan(721) Disputed
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As if libs need a reason to scream about Trump. These are the same libs that screamed because families were being seperated, then sued him when he put forth an executive order to keep them together.

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ObamasGoblin(96) Disputed
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Why does it matter "how it is presented" if it makes sense. Do you need your steak on a plate of gold, or is the main thing that you get to eat the steak. You are more worried about what the plate looks like. I am concerned with what the steak tastes like.

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Amarel(5140) Disputed
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Let’s say I order steak. Then I’m told that a substantial amount of beef is bad and as a result, steak will not be served, not that the restaurant has banned steak because it hasn’t so stop putting words in their mouth,, just that they need to figure out what’s going on, but neither are they backpedaling on their position to disallow steak.

That’s not a restaurant I’m going to dine at regardless of what’s on the menu.

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Yeah, you are absolutely correct.

My only problem with Trump as a candidate and as an executive has consistently been that he is careless with language:

- He changes subjects in the middle of a sentence. He stops in the middle of sentences, throws in vague editorial comment, and then may or may not complete the original sentence.

- He uses pronouns without tying them clearly to their referents.

- He leaves out pertinent details that would clarify what he is trying to say.

- He says inflammatory things without clearly defining what he is or is not talking about.

- He insults people he may need to work with ultimately.

- He fails to account for the fact that many in his audience are concerned with how he says things more than the content of his message.

I never had any doubt that this problem would be the main difficulty in his presidency, and I think I was right.

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Venezuela is a Socialist dream. Progressives need a new a address .

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They push a false narrative just like the MSM pushes fake news; it's just what they do.

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So it isn't a solely Muslim ban. This does not change the fact that the ban is still racist and discriminatory. Banning travel for nationals of those countries makes no sense, especially since many of the people affected are good citizens that could provide extra money for the government.

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