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Video Games or Books

Video games certainly contain beautiful imagery within the world of pixelated entertainment and involve the players within choice filled storylines of interactive fun, but books also paint pictures within the minds of readers using well-worded descriptions and take the reader on a long journey throughout the pages. Which medium is better?
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I think books are way better as it enhances your vocabulary ,comprehension,and it can create a platform for healthy debates and competition. Whereas video games can lead to distractions,poor social interaction and potentially violent behavior when people play it in excess books aren't that damaging when over reading or doing that hobby is done.

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I think video games are way better since they're interactive. Cant recreate that with just words..

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Define better, and better in what sense? This way I can properly formulate my argument.

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They both have their place: books greatly assist the development of one's vocabulary (and, depending on the book, general knowledge), while video games either serve to improve one's reflexes (skill-based games) or or logic-based problem solving (strategy-based games).

In regards to their purpose as specifically entertainment, it mostly comes down to preference. One is a linear, non-interactive story (which has its own charm to it), while the other can be just about anything under the sun.

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Books are a better way to enhance the imaginative skills of a person along with improving the vocabulary. whereas most video games makes a person lazy and reduces his intellectual abilities and i feel that getting involved in a book allows him to think about a situation in different angles. the major disadvantage of video games is they make the user away from the world of reality and it also leads to health problems related to eyes.

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Personally while I am a gamer, I will always prefer books. Games have a certain beauty to them sure, and sometimes if they are done well you feel an attachment to the characters. But with books, they stay with you forever. They pull you in and let you live in a world of your own imagination.

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I'd argue that books are better for the imagination as they allow you to build your own images in your head rather than having the screen do it for you. As has already been said, they allow you to expand your vocabulary and they may even instil a passion for writing.

However, different stories work better in different mediums. Something with a lot of action and minimal relationships, dialogue and character development would be better as a video game.

A disadvantage of books over video games for parents is that it is harder to "vet" their suitability.

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This can be argued indefinitely, as it's really just down to opinion, but I must say games. Those that say books enhance vocabulary etc, well games can do that too. There are games meant for the sol purpose of education, and they are very very good. There are also games meant for entertainment, which too are very good. I do love a good book, but video games simply offer more, and they are interactive. You can change the story in games such as Undertale, something that cannot be done in books. In a book, the story is set on one path, and once you know that path, that's it. That's all it is. But with a lot of video games, that can be changed. There could be a thousand different outcomes, and that's what gives a game replay value. You also get achievements, rewards if you will, for doing certain things, some of which might require a bit of imagination on your part. There is nothing like that in a book.

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Vedio games. While books are OK, video games have the advantage over me. Books are boring to read, and really don't have a use except for making kids bored and question why they live. They teach us stuff that we already know and they have really Cheesy meanings to them. Video games for the win.

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Yes, books enhance imagination, but video games also help with handeye coronation. They also have need proven to help with a symptom called lazy eye. Books have really hard words to learn and then we are forced to learn them at school. I hate books. Video games also help us insure that we have the creativity to solve problems and such.