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Video Games or Homework?

OOHHH... this will be a hard debate not shore which one will win well heres my theory.

If there is nerds on createdebate then maybe homework if there isnt video games.

Video Games

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This is a coded Video game language and the ones who can crack the code can give the meaningful meaning!

smdslfmsfd smalfk: Good BYE!

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mithoo19(806) Disputed
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this no video game just pressed shift and `234567890-=;'/now you just pressed ,./and the letter L

there your code is cracked

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Many people play video games to have fun but, when kids are failing all of their classes it is up to them and their parents to get the homework done so that the kid can have a good time and not have to worry about his parents breathing down his back.

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You can't make money on playing video games if you are bad at them.What's your back up plan?

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Well...This is wrong to say that by playing video games money can't be earn bcoz some days before i read somewhere that a child won 50 lakh rupees by winning online game tournament.But it is true that no-one can't make his career by playing video games...Doing homework is boring but it helps a lot in studies..

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