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Views on Prisoners

I am quite curious of other peoples thoughts on these subjects. You can answer as many of these as you want, the first one I am most curious about.


What do you think of prisoners being forced to

  • Give blood or organs for the community
  • Do labor
  • Manufacture items
  • Be given medical care
  • Fight in arenas for their freedom, or die (People would pay to watch, give the economy a boost)
  • Be participants on either a game show or reality show (against consent, read above)

Best of luck Debaters!

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Give blood or organs for the community - If healthy, yes. Definitely. We are in a dire need for blood and organs - morals get muddled here, but these people have given up their rights as citizens, and there is not much harm in taking blood.

Do labor - Eh. This gets more in the gray area. I don't see the harm in it, if the labor is not too intensive / the hours are not too long / they are being treated humanely / etc.

Manufacture items - Same as above.

Be given medical care - ...Is there a reason they shouldn't be? Being prisoners doesn't make them not human. If someone is sick or in pain, they should be provided with health care. It isn't fair to say they don't deserve it because they can't pay for it - they are in jail! They aren't in positions to get jobs.

Fight in arenas for their freedom, or die - ...Now this one is just plain morbid. I think Gladiators are just as cool as the next person, but having people fight and die in real life, today? Actually fighting and dying? No! Hell no! And offering freedom to the winners? Letting thieves, rapists, and -murderers- out of jail because they are able to murder again? No! God no!

Be participants on either a game show or reality show (against consent, read above) - Purely personal answer and a matter of opinion - no. Why? Because I hate reality shows and think they dumb people down. So anything that would imply the creation / promotion of reality shows get a no.

JayAr(182) Disputed
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Give blood or organs

If it's against their morals?

Do labor

If they gave up their freedom what options should they have, they should work for the community should they not?

Manufacture Items

Same as above

Be given medical care

Fine, what of experimental medical care? Or just plain using them as human guinea pigs?

Fight for their freedom or die

Think of the revenue for the state! Plenty would be made! Far less prisons, all you would need would be temporary cells! Also some television corporations would be willing to help fund the program provided they could broadcast what happens.

If you don't want them out fine. However what if they get special benefits such as a far superior bed?

Be participants on either a game show or a reality show((

What of game-shows?