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Violent Video Games: Friend or Foe?

Are violent video games really that bad?


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Violent games are more fun than disturbing. I can't say I've been negatively influenced from them because I haven't. If anything they are a positive thing which releases anger from children. I'd rather have them kill a few cops in a game than to punch up another kid in real life. If you do something aggressive because it looked fun in a video game you are one sick fk and that's probably a 0.001% of all people who play those kinds of games.

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I believe that violent video games are just that, games. I just don't understand why people say that they ruin children's minds and are the cause of all these problems in society.

I can testify as evidence that I am a perfectly functioning adolescent who has no increased aggression from playing violent video games since I was five. If anything they made me a better person.

It said look kid, if you go steal that car and start running over cops eventually you're going to get six stars and the national guards going to blow you up with a tank.

Nothing that I can think of puts that message across better than violent video games.

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Good point, the media is always looking for someone to blame and they figure that if kids see something violent in a game then it must lead to more violence for them down the road. Of course, this is ridiculous and I'm pretty certain that kids know the difference between video games and real life. However, that doesn't stop the media from blowing it out of proportion and blaming Halo anytime a teenage boy gets in a fight.

Supporting Evidence: Video games and violence (
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I fear censorship of video games a lot more than I fear the games themselves.

Whenever new media gains popularity with youth, we hear how comic books/film/rock&roll;/television/rap/and now, video games are responsible for moral decline.

History suggests that video games are just the latest scapegoat, and no psychology study (that I am aware of) has been able to show a causal relationship between video games and violence in the real world.

Why are we so ready to fear the youth? That's what this misdirected issue is all about, really. If you are looking for moral decline, try starting at the top, not the bottom.

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Friend, of course!

Video games, like mentioned, are just games and nothing more. They are neither evil, nor good. The "people" you "kill" on these games are nothing but polygons put together to form something that resembles a human (or orc, dragon...etc). Reality is much, much different, and just about everyone understands that already. I still feel sick to my stomach when I see a huge accident or a bloody scene somewhere in the real world, but I have no trouble playing the goriest games on the market because of the fact that it is not real, and it does not affect me. Parents say that violent media "desensitizes" us to real life violence, but this is obviously not true.

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Ignore the point that i can just stay up till 6PM and see straight up ass-to-ass BNE gay porn on HBO, or that i caught my siblings one day watching Metaloplyse on [ADULTSWIM] at 5pm, or that on the morning news they are permitted to show things as docile as a rape victim all the way up to a burned rape victim, or that my 10 year old sister came home with a copy of Show Falling On Cedars FROM HER PUBLIC SCHOOL, or that we passed like three dead bodies on our way home one day off the freeway, or that they report war reports on daytime TV.

Also include the point that Video Gaming is a hobby that is HEAVILY regulated by multiple organizations, including FCC, that take excessive measures to prevent "nonsence violence from reaching our teens"

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As long as parents sit down with their kids and tell them that the violence in those games is wrong, then violent video games are just a harmless form of entertainment.

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No one thinks that they are bad? Are you kidding me? I think that for most people they are not that problematic, but for an impressionable kid they really can be. Plus, I think that they add to the desensitization we have with violence and thus we find it more acceptable in our society.

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Actually an average amount of video game playing is helpful to a child's social development. Those who don't play these games actually tend to have problems.

If you think people can't tell the difference from real life and a video game...well just read this article about it.

Supporting Evidence: Kid's who don't play video games most at risk (
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