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Virginia or Maryland?

Which side of the Potomac is better?


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Virginia is for lovers <3
Side: Virginia
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V to the iz A :)
Side: Virginia
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2 up 2 down son
Side: Virginia
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2 up and 2 down, know this.
Side: Virginia
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Virginia rocks!

Side: Virginia
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Baltimore Crab cakes. Enough said.

Also, my aunt lives in MD and I want to go to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. And don't forget the Chesapeake Bay. It's beautiful.

Side: Maryland
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My mom grew up Maryland, in Pocomoke. Do you know where that is? It's in the Chesapeake Bay. I have been there many times, I love it! The board walk on the beach is lots of fun. And crab cakes rule. We have some friends that live in Chrisfield.

Meh, Texas is cool to I guess. ]:

Edit: wow this debate is old, there is a post from 444 days ago.

Side: Maryland
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It is old. That's why nobody has commented on it out of all of the top scores. I found it through one of the profiles... One of them made the huge "Does God exist?" debate.

Side: Maryland
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i dont know what these things are but i will just vote for this side cause its losing.

Side: Maryland