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real sorry guys, but when you click on debate stats on a debate...what is the Vocabulary overlap section? how does it work? also how do you make words bold and italicized when you are typing a response.

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It's a matter of Asterisks/Stars! To make a word Bold simply insert two asterisks before the words and two more asterisks when you're finished using the bold option. The same thing applies when words are Italicizedexcept you use only one asterisk on each side of the word (s) you wish to have written in that fashion.

The "See More Stats" section tells you about the guts, if you will, of the debate. The "Vocabulary Overlap" shows you the similarities of the two sides of a debate. You see the Grade Level which tells you about the quality of the words being used and what their equivalent would be when put up against a "GRADE" at school. Let's assume we were all working at the 12Th grade level but each side has different word counts. The larger circle will show you the side which has the higher word count which is then overlapped with the lesser word count on the other side of the debate. This is then superimposed upon the larger circle giving you a visualization of what the debate looks like in those terms discussed above. Then you have the "Total Words Used" for each side. You can see by the length of each line which of the two sides has the most words used in the debate. It may be a bit of Bells and Whistles but sometimes they're important to people who love statistics.

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thanks ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Side: Statistics one and all