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WHO director faces calls for resignation over handling of coronavirus, China

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Just going to copy from my argument on BurritoLunch debate. It can be used for this debate aswell.

WHO has withheld information about case counts and severity. WHO is looked to for guidance in situations as such and as the weeks go by sources are saying that WHO and the Chinese government withheld information. On December 31st 2019 the WHO was informed of cases of pneumonia with an unknown cause. At the end of January there was close to 8,000 cases reported worldwide. At the end of January there was 5 reported cases of Covid 19 in the United States. As of January 9th,2020 it was identified that the cause to the pneumonia was a new CoV virus. At this point the no confirmed cases have been reported in the United States so this is not an outbreak yet. On January 22nd the first confirmed case is detected in the United States. At this point it should of been declared a pandemic as there is no cure for this virus but WHO waited a month and 20 days before declaring this a world pandemic.

This is not the first time that WHO did not declare a pandemic on time but late. WHO did the same in 2014 with the EBOLA virus. WHO did not report it as a pandemic till months after it already a world pandemic.

WHO is looked to for the latest studies in medical advancements and medical studies but fails the world when the people need them the most.

With all this being said I believe the director needs to be fired and never hold a position of power again. Back in 2017 he was accused of covering up epidemics in his own country. And never proved to be true to the best of my knowledge. But with recent events I can say I believe he also covered up the epidemics of cholera in his own country when he was the Health Minister of Ethiopia. coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200121-sitrep-1-2019-ncov.pdf

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WHO has withheld information about case counts and severity.

You are a liar who is telling lies and then spamming links with no relevant context to give your lies the false illusion of legitimacy. Show us where, in any of your links, there is proof that the WHO withheld information. What the literal fuck would even be their motivation for doing that? They are scientists not politicians.

You're a batshit insane liar.

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NathanAllen(2288) Clarified
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The links are not sources that say they are lying. The links are to back up the numbers and dates I am saying. Which in the long run if you actually read the actual argument you would see that these sources do in fact prove what I say is true. This virus made it out of china at the end of January and was known to be no cure and was spreading outside of china. It should of been labeled a pandemic at this time but was downplayed as just a virus that will pass. But now we have close to 70k dead and 100s of thousand infected. This could of been avoided if they did not downplay this entire virus.

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China is the irrefutable rogue nation that brought death, misery and shocking suffering along with national economic ruin and bankruptcy to millions of private individuals.

Most of the world's weak-kneed political elite ( excluding straight talking President Trump) and such organizations as the W.H.O. have deceitfully and willfully diverted attention away from the source of the disaster and failed to unequivocally apportion blame where it very clearly belongs.

If China is not punished commercially for their criminal neglect and slovenly practices there will be no incentive for them to introduce the necessary improvements in the hygiene habits of their teeming peasant population and bring the country's rearing and marketing of livestock into the 21st century, or even the 20th century.

Such a scenario will mean that a risk of this Chinese virus, S.A.R.S, E-Coli or one of the many other Chinese diseases will devastate the world again.

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It would be worth listing and noting the western nations such as 3M who manufacture goods in China and to ostracize them and blacklist their products when this latest Chinese disease abates.

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