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Wales,Scotland,and Ireland consider themselves British?*only ppl from these places answer*

I asked a question in yahoo answers if these three countries would like to have independence (Ireland doesn't have complete independence) a lot in Ireland said yes, some said yes in Scotland, not much said yes in Wales (partly because they are small) but this debate isn't going to be about independence. When I asked that question I've learned a lot (and was a little shocked) that people in these countries consider themselves British. And half said they are British the other half said they aren't British. They said British is the same as English. Well just because Americans speak in english they are no way considered British. A lot in Wales considered themselves Welsh but would rather be considered British. I have never seen a country that would promote no pride for there country. Can you guys from the U.K. explain this and specifically from these countries. And for the people that don't consider themselves British is it frustrating to hear your fellow native neighbors say that they are British. I mean if your going to call yourself British why won't your country just be called Great Britain too. I think the U.K. system is a little complicated and has confused some of you guys.

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Wales, Scotland and England make up Britain. Britain and England are not synomous. Scotland is every bit as British as England. As for the 'pride' matter, of course you can be proud to be Scottish/Welsh/English and British. It's like being proud to be Scottish and European, or being proud to be a New Yorker and an American.

Being from Northern Ireland (technically part of the UK) I consider myself Irish, not British. British identity in Northern Ireland is contentious. You'll find a lot of people who are staunchly proud to be British, because they feel their identity is under threat. Most of these people are descendents of settlers from Britain, who feel that Northern Ireland should remain part of the UK.

Personally, I feel Irish because I was born in this country. It is the land of my ancestors, my history and culture. Ireland has never been part of Britain, although we have fallen under British rule. So the case of Ireland is different to that of Scotland and Wales, and feelings are probably stonger on the matter.

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Just to expound upon the last point made by jogg. Some clarity is needed on this 'debate'

I find the thread quite insulting. Ireland is not connected to the UK and should be lumped in with it. Would the author of this severely insensitive thread lump modern day Poland back into the Third Reich?

A small part of the island of Ireland i.e. Northern Ireland is a contested part of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland was not created democratically and for almost the first 80 years of its existence continuously violated both the civil and in many cases human rights of about 40% of its inhabitants based on their religious and political beliefs. The actions of the British government were continuously condemned by the Irish government, the EU and the UN.

People born in Northern Ireland have the right to choose their nationality. They can choose Irish or British nationality.

I am seriously offended by this article. I am Irish (by law - I have no right to British nationality nor would I apply for it if I could) and after being Irish I am European. After all of that, although I don't feel it immensely I am ethnically Jewish. This forms a very small part of my identity but as I do not practice, it is more of a historical identification. I would like to see you post an equally offensive post about Jewish people - oh no wait, we are protected because even the majority of ignorant people know our history. It angers me that just because many people don't know Irish history, they feel that they can insult us about it. It still happened.

Please respect the reality of the modern world and edit this offensive thread.

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I understand it a little more thanks for explaining(but still a little complcated). But I don't think its a political thing, its more like a pride factor.

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Nah it's not a pride thing, imagine if every state in the US simply called itself the "US"?

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LOL, thats cute that you think that. But all those states render the fact that they are all United as a whole.

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Technically your nationality is British if you live in any of the countries listed (this includes England by the way and excludes Ireland, only Northern Ireland is British - that would piss the Irish off), you can't help that; lots of upper class toffs fought each other (with and without other people's lives) to make it this way, for good or bad, it is what it is.

Some people resent "Britishness" for whatever reasons, (anti-English sentiments or feel that they're somehow still being oppressed) others feel that their national character is more say Welsh than British. I can't tell the difference usually. It's interesting that in Britain people either refer to themselves as British or English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish or that they are both, but generally never run them together like they do in the US like "African-American".

Almost universal though is the hatred of being called English when they're not English (e.g. the Welsh are either British or Welsh, but certainly not English) and when sport commentators refer to English athletes as such, but other British nationalities as British, which is technically still correct but shows lack or respect/equality.

I personally don't care. It's all got too many faux-patriotic connotations when people start caring about it, like somehow what some stupid king of X did 1000yrs ago means that X is better or worse than Y.

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It is not about politics. It is about the reality of the modern world. People from the UK are British. It is their nationality. There is no such thing as British nationalities as you mentioned. There is British nationality which applies to people from Scotland, Wales, England and certain people from Northern Ireland as well other areas such as Crown Dependancies and Gilbrater.

Iirhs people don't mix their identity with British as Irish is a seperate nationality.

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I agree with everything said before about the distinct differences between English and British, and even though I'm not from the UK I'm answering anyway!

It's ok, my boyfriend's mother's entire family is Welsh and in the three and a half years we've been dating, I've gotten more than an ear-full about the differences and desires from those I know from Wales.

First, his grandmother really resents the attempts to extinguish Welsh language and culture. This is one reason independence may have been fought for more than it otherwise would have had the English left them alone and let them continue teaching their language.

Second, they are British.

Third, they are not represented on the Union Jack, and this makes them angry.

And, that's about it as far as my knowledge goes. So yes, they certainly consider themselves British. But they also consider themselves part of a distinct country, because, well, they are.

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