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Wall Street Suffers Worst Christmas Eve On Record

What happened to that "miracle economy" Bronto kept squealing about in the short periods where he takes a break from cut and pasting Hitler speeches?

At least Hitler did actually fix the German economy. Trump can't even get that much right. He's a poor man's Hitler. All mouth and no action.


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But Mah Narrative

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Hello lunch:

Fact is, presidents don't have a lot to do with the DOW.. It's largely a function of the business cycle. Since the depths of the George Bush economy in 2009, we've been on a tear. But, the expansion is growing old, and we're topping out.

The signs are there. A few weeks ago, I reported on the real estate CRASH in Seattle.. Prices were skyrocketing - now they're tanking.. The stock market is following suit..

Since I last recommended gold, it's gone UP $50 an oz.. During the last runup gold quadrupled from $300 to $1,200. It COULD quadruple again. It's EASY to buy, too. Just visit your local coin shop.

This is my Christmas present to YOU.


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Wall Street Suffers Worst Christmas Eve On Record

The DOW is 4,000 points higher than it was at Obama's peak.

Nom lie counter #6,572

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