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Challenge Debate: War can be justified sometimes.

I will present a fictional scenerio: Saudi Arabia sends a fleet out to attack America. mIf Obama does not act, most Americans will die. Is it wrong for him to act? I say no. What is wrong with self defense? Is killing in self defense wrong? No. I would never kill over the price of tea in China but I would kill to protect myself and my familty from murder or torture. Thats the whole point of the Second Amendment. The right to use lethal force to protect yourself from harm. I do not in any way shape form or fashion get any enjoyment out of war and prefer to avoid it if possible. My hat off to the man or woman able to avoid war whilst getting the job done, but like we talked about, war is justified in cases like the Hitler regime. What if someone wanted to kill boys under 18? Would war not be justified to protect your right to life? I run liberal on many things, but not war. Im more moderate on that. Oh, and not all war is in the physical. Some war is faught through sanctions, through free trade to give citizens the ability to stand for freedom, but the most powerful weapon is factual information. Come on youre smart. You know this. im sorry for being a bitch mkay? i just thought you were telling me what to do and I hate that. I had it my whole life. I was such an anarchist as a kid. Anywho please accept my debate thanks. :)



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It can't be justified but it can have more of an advantage. No matter the reasoning the outcome remains. War can not be justified but it can be rationalized. Such as the huge amount to die, resorts some issues on economical supply on a demand. Also America fueled both sides of the war with oil, helping with debt. Saying something is justifiable indicates there is a right and wrong. I do not believe in right and wrong, it's only a perception. We are all equal mortals sharing land, no one can determine absolute right and wrong. So no war cannot be justified but it can be rationalized.

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How can you oppose or support something if their are no asbolutes rights or wrongs? That sounds contradictory to me.

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