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 Warjin Must Lick a Dirty Boot! (4)

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Warjin Must Lick a Dirty Boot!

In a debate started over a year ago, Warjin emphatically claimed that "there is no way in hell republicans will take over anything major, If I am wrong save this post for when they do and I will lick a dirty boot on youtube for all you to see."

Join me in coercing him to stay true to is promise! I want to see some boot-licking!

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2 points

Ha! Yeah... but I'm not holding my breath... besides, he'll probably just claim it was a typo and claim he meant "Lick a dirty Boob"

1 point

Make him upload a video of that as proper proof. Case. Closed. Brother.

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This post is bumped. This post needs sharing with all of the world!

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We're all still waiting! Come on Warjin, I know you're the kind of guy that holds up the end of his promises.