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Was Felix Baumgartner having suicidal thoughts knowing President Obama could win again?



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If there is one exceptional way of committing suicide, it would be jumping from space, and Felix just couldn't bare the idea that President Obama could win.

Please, this guy needs help. ;)

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LOL! I thought for sure this was Joe's debate... this jump was amazing and I'm surprised it didn't get more media attention, but I guess the MSM couldn't take their positive reporting of Barry off the air for even a second. Don't pull off a huge stunt during an American Presidential election... the next guy that tries it will get 'Baumgartnered' too!

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He's from Austria. . .

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Nice attempt at a joke using references to current events. Like it makes a difference who America's president is, they're all the same party, the election is just to choose which colour you prefer.

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Why would he care for America's values if he is of not origin here? Your statement is false and easily destroyed with logic.

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Looks like this hit a nerve, someone needs to settle. It was for only comical relief. I'm sure that the ultimate central planner, President Obama, will save us from the evil corporations.

Felix Baumgartner's jump was nothing short of amazing.

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anachronist(889) Disputed
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I'm not American either, doesn't mean I'm incapable of empathy and therefore don't care what happens to American citizens.

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