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Better with. better without.
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Was Iraq better with, or without Saddam Hussein?

Taking all in to account, in retrospect, was Iraq in a beter state with or without Saddam Hussein?

Better with.

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better without.

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Iraq never should have been made a nation in the first place... I think we now know why Saddam had to be such a dick... it was the only way to keep the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites from killing each other.

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And after the war, which never should have happened, Iraq should have been split up, with the Sunni portion going to Syria, the Shiite portion going to Iran, and the Kurdish portion either given to Turkey, or setup as an independent nation.

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I don't disagree with that except that Turkey would be pissed if there was an independent Kurdistan and the Kurds would be pissed if they were handed over to Turkey... then what to do with Baghdad and how to split up the oil reserves... the whole Middle East is more big fucking mess.

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it depends on the thinking of people in that country.. they liked to be ruled by saddam hussein and did not want democracy .. so it was better with saddam hussein

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America should of never have messed with that man. It was cheaper to send a few fighters to chase his strayed airplanes than what has happened. All of those Islamic Nations need a dictator. Islam is inconsistent with democracy.

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I think it goes without saying, but its still no paradise. And we shouldnt have gone there.

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It certainly does not go without saying. Saddam was a brutal dictator who murdered anyone who, in his paranoid delusions, posed a threat to his regime. But, under his "reign of terror", women enjoyed far more equality than they do today, and the country was considered safe enough to do business with, bringing in foreign capital. Also, during his reign, he murdered far fewer people than have been killed since through sectarian violence, not even counting the people who died in the war.

Our military is the greatest engine of destruction the world has ever known (I mean that in a good way), and they are very good at targeting that destruction on military targets and minimizing civilian casualties, but as a force for nation building, it, and we, totally suck.

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Iraq is now better without Saddam Hussein who was a ruthless, murderous dictator.

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