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Was Jesus a socialist??


JESUS was a radical nonviolent revolutionary who hung around with lepers, hookers and crooks.  He wasn't American and didn't speak English.  He was anti-wealth, anti-death penalty, and anti-public prayer (M 6:5).  He wasn't anti-gay, never mentioned abortion or birth control, and never called the poor lazy.  He never justified torture, never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes, and never asked a leper for a co-payment.  He was a long haired, brown skinned, homeless, community organizing, anti-slut-shaming, Middle Eastern Jew.

Looks like a socialist to me.



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HOW can you say that, excon?

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Do you think copying my arguments will excuse you from your crimes?

I am going to split open your empty cranium and crack a dozen eggs into it, thoroughly whisk them, staple the top of your head back on and send you on your way.

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He was a lot more of a socialist than you'll ever be. You are one of these disingenuous idiots who acts like a socialist right up until you are proven wrong, then you gleefully revert right back to far right propaganda tactics, and accuse everybody who challenges you of hating Jews.

Side: HOW can you say that, excon?
excon(14435) Disputed
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and accuse everybody who challenges you of hating Jews.

Hello hater, liar, and science denier:

Nahhh... I'm challenged all the time, and I don't call those people Jew haters.. Bront challenges me.. I don't call him a Jew hater.. Poochy boy challenges me. I don't call him a Jew hater.. Fromwithin challenges me, and I don't call him a Jew hater..

Nahhh.. I only call Jew haters, Jew haters, because they hate Jews..

excon, 97% pure blooded Jew

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Hello hater, liar, and science denier

Are you fucking delusional mate? This is what science says about your DNA ancestry test:-

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

(DNA ancestry tests are) no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

There is nothing scientific about astrology or your ancestry test you arrogant, spiteful old fool. You are a piece of shit liar who would rather hurt someone else than recognise his own folly and mistakes. You deny science and then in your next breath call me a science denier. Fuck off, cretin.

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I don't call those people Jew haters.

You call everybody a Jew hater who points out that you are not a Jew. Your claim to being Jewish is predicated on false data, and on data which you know yourself to be false. That makes you a piece of shit, not a Jew. Are we clear about that, cunt?

Side: HOW can you say that, excon?

I don't want to politicize Jesus, because He is God, and I feel that is blasphemy, to do so.

Side: HOW can you say that, excon?
BurritoLunch(4371) Clarified
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I don't want to politicize Jesus, because He is God, and I feel that is blasphemy, to do so.

Jesus loves you. But only if you do three hundred Hail Marys and then wash my feet.

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YeshuaBought(2860) Clarified
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You have the right, to your opinion. I never see you troll Muslims, so the fact that you troll Christians, is hypocritical.

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Hmmm... your assumptions here need some good, ol' fashioned fact checking based on scripture:

1) radical/revolutionary - Why do you say this? I don't think he was very revolutionary. I'm picturing a rebel group storming a city and taking over with their new ideas. Jesus was very peaceful and came into this world in a very humble way.

2) non-violent - why does violence have anything to do with socialism?

3) anti-wealth - This is not the case! Assuming that Christianity is true, He is one God in three people, which means Jesus is God. Therefore, God says all over the Bible ways to become wealthy and how to handle money well, but also to be generous with what is yours. He says that if we are generous, He will reward us in double. Meaning, he very much appreciates those who aspire to handle money well!

4) anti-death penalty - same thing here. Jesus is God and God specifically states that the death penalty is just for certain crimes such as murder and prostitution. Again, He is merciful sometimes, but plenty of people were still put to death because of that command.

5) anti-public prayer - While he DID tell people to pray inside, this was for humility reasons. He didn't want people "showing off" their Faith with their prayer, but instead, actually doing what prayer was meant for, talking to God.

6) wasn't anti-gay - Same thing here! If Jesus is God, he is very much against gay. He wants creation to act like he created it.

7) never mentioned abortion - actually, the whole Bible never specifically mentions abortion. However, assuming that a fetus is a human (which Christianity and God DO say) he classified abortion as murder, which He was very against and punished.

8) never called poor lazy - "But Jesus answered them, 'My Father is working until now, and I am working.'" (John 5:17) You'd think if Jesus talked about working hard at something, he would want others to do the same as Him.

9) never justified torture - of course he didn't! I don't think if you aren't socialist, you justify torture.

10) never fought for tax cuts - He said, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is God's." He knew that it was necessary, in order to have government, to have taxes for everyone of an appropriate amount.

11) anti-slut-shaming - Jesus was a man of grace. He cared deeply for the salvation of all mankind and, while he hated sin with a just wrath, he had mercy to mankind and wanted them to have a relationship with Him more than punishing them.

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Coming from a dipshit that does not know if it is a Jew or an Atheist. You are the Crown Jewel of Stupid and your party made you the fool you are.

Side: HOW can you say that, excon?
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As per your words you are a Nigerian so that means you are a Black Socialist / Commie

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