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Quite possibly. No way!
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Was Jesus gay?

Quite possibly.

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No way!

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Actually, there is a lot of evidence to support Jesus as a homosexual. Throughout his life he roamed around the parks of ancient towns sporting a handkerchief in the back of his robe indicating to his twelve male "Apostles" that he would like nothing more than a swift bumming behind the Olive trees. Other sources claim that the twelve Apostles were named such by St Paul in his attempt to cover up the truth. They were originally entitled the Jerusalem screamers, a band of mischievous Queens that aside from being the most flamboyant gang then known, were also successful robe designers and partial to appletienies. These Jerusalem screamers were responsible for many a naughty session in the public baths.

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yes he was gay or so peaple say..............................................

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He did have 12 dispels that where all male...

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Well, as far I know he never had any children, hence, this may suggest no intercourse with women, also, he had 12 men, who followed him around everywhere, for all were willing to die for him except Judas. Four of them expressed this passion in writing giving him praise.


1. Savior

2. Raging Homosexual

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Or both.

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From what I know, I believe he was asexual, or absent of sexual desire, but one can never be so sure.

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In other words a secret gay :D but still much better than Mohamed the pedophile.

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actually i dont even think jesus CARED for sexual anything, only spiritual experiences man

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