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Was Mary a virgin when she conceived Christ?

This is pretty much a Christian-nonchristian debate.


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The way the question is asked the answer must be "yes" because at a certain point of time in her life she certainly was.

And it's not impossible that she got pregnant with an intact hymen, if semen got into vagina during petting. If she had a Caesarean biorth (which seems very unlikely) her hymen could even have survived the birth of Jesus.

But I don't believe the story of teh Holy Spirit impregnating her for a second and if Joseph did he was extremely naive.

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He wasn't naive. It was his faith.

Faith meant more to the Jews 2000 years ago then you or I could ever understand.

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And it isn't a Christian vs. non-Christian debate. Many liberal Christians don't believe in virgin birth.

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you are aware that the bible says she was a virgin when she gave birth to jesus

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You are aware that's utter bullshit right?

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