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Is ObamaCare so far successful?

I won't elaborate because frankly, I will be sending out my argument as well so........


ObamaCare was a "Highly" successful plan as described by many internet sites ranging from FOX and MSNBC (2 stations which revolve on different poltical perspective.) SO, do you agree with these remarks. It really doesn't matter what side your on, as in political perspective, just make sure your response isn't just a random jab give some insight. Please understand if you display poor reasoning it can hurt.


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That little 12 year old boy's sister was denied coverage, due to preexisting conditions.

Because of ObamaCare, she was able to get help, and thus live a few more painful years, her small body barely able to cope. Only tremendous courage can allow such a faint light to shine in this dark world.

Of course, paying for the weak and sickly comes out of YOUR pockets, so if you wish to let little, crippled girls die, then go ahead.

But this is the 21st century. Despite the weak economy, we are living better than ever before, and once oil and gas is replaced with highly efficient Thorium fuel, I can see a new age approaching. The dawn of a new era, where all people get a fair chance at life, no mater what they're born as.

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Of course.

It has already saved Americans $2.1 billion.

Premiums went up by the lowest rate in over a decade.

The youth uninsured rate dropped by the largest percent since records have been kept.

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Millions are now enrolled and now have peace of mind that they don't have to worry about having to pay a large sum for health insurance.

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Ummmm... not sure why Obamacare is referred to in the past tense? If only! A lot of Dingle-Barry-Care hasn't even gone into effect yet???

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Sinknight(522) Clarified
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Here, what I was trying to clarify was the healthcare policy Obama has already manage to establish. I will add "so far" if that will help you :3

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Ask me again in 3 years... by then you'll realize just how sucky the whole thing is.

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I am not so sure Obama care is in good shape...after all, they finally came clean today and said that it was going to cost the taxpayers another trillion compared to the pre-Obama care world. Well isn't that just a wonderfully bright future we have coming!

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Sinknight(522) Clarified
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Are you already predicting Obama for a second-term?

Remember Bush, anything can happen in this imaginary world

called Earth. Really, I knew who was going to win at 2008 for 2012 election. During the course

of Obama's first term I realize music industries have been claiming their business

isn't doing well, thus in the 2012 election, All the rappers legally able to oblige to becoming candiates for the election are posted on ballets. All the young people will ignore Obama and Romney and vote for them. Thus, rappers will control the world (who will be president a 4-headed rapper by the stage name "4-Real"), something I should of done of when I was young... I wish I could be 17 again....

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