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Was it right to bann a Muslim soccer club team after refusing to play against a gay team?

I swear, I don't make this crap up!!!

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Well, ya. I mean, the Muslim society are always claiming the world is against them and they are a people of peace and yada yada yada life is so hard for them, but this proves they are the instigators! They want to be accepted and yet they are refusing to accept gays as equals by not playing a soccer game against them. I mean, that just makes total sense!

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Lol it's true. BUT. They're GAY!.


Nah I think in this case it's only a game of fucking football and nobody should give a shit and give either of them any acknwledgement.....

a bit late though....

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im Muslim and i suport everything you said i dont want to be muslim most of the time because of people like the ones your talking about thank you for letting it be known!!!

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Yes, if they refuse to be tolerant of the other teams they are playing against then they deserve to be banned. Homophobia is not a reason to not play soccer.

Also, who would want to play soccer anyway its boring!

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I am Muslim and i think that the muslim soccer team was just being a bunch of buttholes

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Amateur soccer club was banned from the French amateur league on Wednesday after refusing to play a match against a gay team.

What's the big deal, I mean, it's not like these gay french soccer players are going to be running around grabbing the assess of the Muslim players and saying.."hey thexy..., is that a Qur'an in ur pocket or are you just happy to be here?"

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Lol yeah read this on the news.

I agree what's the big deal.. but on the side of the muslims. If they don't want to play.. they don't have to. wtf...

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duncer(419) Disputed
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what about in the finals? eh and will they fist bump lol

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