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Create a common enemy. Make China the boogeymen.
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Was Pelosi's act of provocation a diversionary tactic?

With the American economy literally falling apart at the seams the 82 year old witch visits Taiwan and wilfully antagonizes China in the hope that they will take the bait and retaliate with a show of outrageous aggression.
This they did, and now the hope of **THE IMBECILE, AND HIS PUPPET-MASTERS** is that China's anti-American aggressive rhetoric will unite the nation against a common, and very powerful enemy. 

Create a common enemy.

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Make China the boogeymen.

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While Pelosi's drunkard husband, Paul is in court answering a charge of D U I the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST goes off to Taiwan to cause an international incident for the sole purpose of creating a diversionary crisis.

While the electorate and the media will be distracted by the massive Chinese military exercise on the Taiwan border, perhaps going over the boundary, our country will slip further into THE IMBECILE'S *quagmire of Democrat economic disaster.

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China has has taken Pelosi's bait and already announced that it will be conducting extensive military exercises on the Taiwan border using live weaponry.

Who knows where Pelosi's act of blatant antagonism will lead.


Side: Make China the boogeymen.
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Was Pelosi's act of provocation a diversionary tactic?

Hello N:

I'm not sure that I'd call a projection of American strength a provocation.. Frankly, showing that we have Taiwáns back is what allies do.

Lemme ask you this. If China INVADES Taiwan, would that be ok with you??



Side: Make China the boogeymen.
Norwich(525) Clarified
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There is a definite distinction between declaring solidarity with an important, but weaker ally, and mounting a deliberate antagonistic event of flag waving and sanctimonious rhetoric specifically staged for the sole purpose of engineering a diversion from the woeful state of THE IMBECILE'S economic mess .

Unlike the great President Kennedy's visit to Berlin which Russia had very effectively blockaded, China did not pose an immediate threat to the Taiwanese people nor were they imposing any restrictive measures which were causing or likely to cause this independent Nation any hardship.

It is however, Taiwan that will suffer the wrath of China's retribution while Madam Pelosi enjoys a post hairdresser's coffee morning at ''Tiffany's'' with her snooty friends.

Won't she feel like the returning hero and express feigned modesty to her bejewelled, high society friends as she relates her very costly, unnecessary and attention seeking visit.

An ego boosting adventure paid for by the AMERICAN TAXPAYER.

Note the contrast between Pelosi's speech in which she strongly stressed the importance to the U.S., athletes ''not to make any comment or engage in any activity which may upset the Chinese'' before they set off for the last Olympic games in Tokyo, and her own pious blustering in Taiwan.

So much for energy conservation and diplomacy.

Oh yes, Fuck China and GOD BLESS AMERICA.


Side: Create a common enemy.
Norwich(525) Clarified
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Unfortunately, and with uncharacteristic impetuosity, the Chinese took Pelosi's bait and provided the perfect diversion away from the smouldering economic ruins of ''THE IMBECILE'S'' America.

What, in my opinion the Chinese should have done was to loudly express their extreme anger and disappointment at America's untimely and antagonistic Taiwan visit while at the same time assuring the Taiwanese people that they would not impose any punitive or retributive measures on their brothers and sisters in Taiwan.

Such an approach would have exposed Pelosi as the evil witch from the West, WHICH SHE IS while projecting China as a strong but mature and benevolent friend of the Taiwanese.

Side: Create a common enemy.