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In history A worse redistribution
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Was the Democrats' lockdown largest redistribution of wealth in history?

I live in a left wing controlled area of the United States. The smaller businesses are still shut down. The multi-billion dollar businesses are still open. Is this the largest redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich in human history?

In history

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A worse redistribution

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Our wealthiest, most famous, most privileged class love to moralize about everyone being in this together. Meanwhile, the the working poor and lower middle class who were finally climbing out of destitution are having their recently acquired rug pulled out from under them by those same moralizers who have nothing to loose in a lockdown. The rich and famous call for lockdowns while those affected return to their needles and dispair.

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The Democrats are aligned with big business ;)

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No. The Trump distribution after he removed all "watchdogs" and overseers from last years trillion-dollar hand-out was the largest distributor of the country's wealth in history. He made SURE that his "investors" got enough to RE-invest in HIM!

Al Capone was a piker compared to Trump! Of course, HE didn't have the advantage of installing his own puppets in the FBI .... or handcuffing the legitimate ones! Trump is, and will be exposed, as the worst CON in history! (Either way you take that "con" will be legitimate)!

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