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Same ill-thought out disaster. Far reaching trouble.
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 Same ill-thought out disaster. (3)
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Was the F.B.I.,'s Trump raid as ridiculously stupid as Putin's Ukraine invasion?

It's clear that Putin and the F.B.I., are tarred from the same bucket of ruthlessness and eye-watering stupidity.
Neither of these two disastrous actions could ever have achieved their planned objectives and they never will.
The conflict in Ukraine will drag on indefinitely while the Trump raid has only further polarized the nation's two political tribes at a time when we need to close ranks against our adversaries. 

Same ill-thought out disaster.

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Far reaching trouble.

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The raid serves as a cover for a fishing expedition to look for anything that could be used against Trump. The Get Trump Committee has at a standstill as of January 6. Garland will provide them with original material. free solitaire

Side: Same ill-thought out disaster.

The raid is a pretext to go on a fishing trip to find anything that can be used against Trump. The Jan. 6 Get Trump Committee has reached a dead end. Garland is going to give them fresh material.

Side: Same ill-thought out disaster.
Norwich(744) Clarified
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Agreed. It's unfortunate for THIS GUTLESS COWARD and his Democratic paymasters that his dastardly plan has back fired on him, his organization of political police and THE BIDEN MOB.

Side: Same ill-thought out disaster.
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Arrogance has seen the forces of two different ideologies being brought together in acts of trying to achieve political goals through raw aggression and bullying.

Side: Same ill-thought out disaster.
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The far reaching consequences of these two acts of mindless folly will be causing death, violence, upheaval and endless misery for the foreseeable future.

Putin has taken full responsibility for the carnage and savagery caused by his decision whereas THE IMBECILE has done a runner.

Side: Far reaching trouble.