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 Was the Texas Bomber a good Christian? (4)

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Was the Texas Bomber a good Christian?

If he admitted his sins and asked for forgiveness before he died, is he happily in heaven right now? 

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The difference is that by killing people you are ignoring Christ's commands. In Islam by killing infidels, you are obeying Muhammed's commands.

Rusticus(1782) Disputed
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I love how you radicalized Reich wing extremists stick with the long failed meme that liberals love Muslims. You’re really hanging in there with that one.

I can only speak for myself, but in my opinion Muslims are almost as insane as Christians, maybe even more so. I have no respect for either of those two abhorant religions. They’re both just Jewish cults anyway.

I think the only religion I feel any respect for at all is Bhudism, but I’m not a joiner.

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Hardly. Even if he repented (which there is no way to know if he did), he still murdered people and we aren't even sure why, yet. Saying he was a good Christian is like saying he was a good Conservative. Even if he identified with both, he wasn't a good Rightie, wasn't a good Christian, and wasn't a good person.