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Alex Jones Video Deposition is a TRAIN WRECK

Watch Alex Jones lie and squirm to no avail then finally claim he was psychotic when he claimed Sandy Hook was fake.

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That would be because Alex Jones is a nutjob. Anything else?

LordofFacts(164) Disputed
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That would be because Alex Jones is a nutjob. Anything else?

You believe in the same religion as the nutjob

You support the same president as the nutjob

You believe Islam is the beast system written of in the book of revelations, which is equally nuts to the things the nutjob believes

you are a conservative like the nutjob

you are fat like the nutjob

you spend your time spreading lies like the nutjob

most of the things you disagree with the nutjob on are the things he happens to be correct about, like 9/11

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The scary part is, how many of his fans think he is just PLAYING dumb. After all, the current occupier of the White House SEEMS to play dumb every day, and HIS fans, many of them are also Alex Jones fans, think it's WONDERFUL! I expect his next book, written by someone who will write ANYTHING for money, will likely be "The Dumbing Down of America" … by Donald Trump (allegedly ;-)