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It's a sickness These people have hate
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Watching white Libs go full KKK on any free thinking black person is hard to see

It's a sickness

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These people have hate

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Watching white Libs go full KKK

Hello HP:

Ahhh.. The Blaze again.. Isn't that Glenn Becks page? It IS. Didn't he call Obama a racist?? He DID.. Didn't he apologize for it? He DID. Didn't he take back his apology? He DID.. And, you cite him as an authority on race??? Dude!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha..

Besides, we're talking about what ONE man said.. ONE man who nobody has ever heard of? And, you think what ONE man says is important??? Uhhhh, NO, it isn't..

And, THIRD, you need to learn a bit more English.. Libs is plural, meaning MORE than one.. But, you're only talking about ONE person, so the proper term would be A lib, or THIS lib - not LIBS. Yeah. I know.. Telling the truth doesn't have the impact that a LIE does..



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