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 We had many guns decades ago (anyone could get them), yet very few mass shootings. WHY? (8)

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We had many guns decades ago (anyone could get them), yet very few mass shootings. WHY?

For all you folks who have bought into this Leftist anti gun hysteria, please answer that question. I realize you will not answer because the explanation has nothing to do with guns.

If guns were the problem, we would have had these same types of mass shootings throughout our history. Guess what? There were very very few, if any, mass shootings of people with no connection to the killer.

How is that possible if the gun is the culprit? OBVIOUSLY, the gun is NOT the problem!

So that leads to the next obvious question. What is the problem? What has changed in our culture to create monsters who randomly kill strangers?

If we take all the semi automatic hunting rifles from the 99.9999999999999% of people who are law abiding citizens, what do you think that would accomplish when some hate filled nut job chooses another weapon to mass kill, such as a truck?

Maybe the rational adults in the room should start addressing a culture that now produces these killers. We have always had mentally unstable people throughout history, but seldom did they act out in such ways.

I wonder where these nut jobs get ideas of mass killing others?

Could it possibly be greedy Hollywood producers creating very violent movies at the expense of innocent lives? These rich Hollywood Producers, creating sick twisted violent movies, did not exist in our past. Hmmmmm...

Could it be a culture of No Restriction abortion that is cheapening the value of a life? The message of legalized convenience abortions speaks volumes to an unstable mind. It says that taking innocent life for any reason is now legal in America, so why can't they do it.

People on the Left are completely oblivious to the root causes of these mass killings, and simply use these tragedies to further their anti gun crusades.

Vote for the rational honest people in our nation, and hopefully this sick selfish culture will someday turn around. I won't hold my breath because we are living the slippery slope of what happens to a nation when it chooses to censor any mention of God on our public lands.
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That is a very good and stimulating thread.

A definitive explanation would be difficult but I feel it's worth trying to examine some of the possibilities.

With the U.S.A., pretty much the world's dominant military and industrial power no nation has openly declared war on us since WW2.

There has been no serious common enemy for the nation to unite against so the domestic political disputes are perceived by many as a form of warfare.

The political rhetoric between the two main parties has become more vicious and this combined with the genuine fear created by the endless stream of illegal immigrants has polarized large sections of the nation.

The serious problems which the extreme elements of both the radical left and the extreme right are causing needs to be addressed urgently with the strong personalities of both the major parties being seen together reconciling their differences and presenting themselves *as one united voice in a spirit of compromise and goodwill.


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We will not see a change in these extremist Democrats until the people stop electing them.

If the people told them they will no longer vote for them until they stop playing identity politics, and obstructing what Americans actually want.

We don't want No Restriction abortions!

We don't want open borders!

We don't want to pay for No Restriction abortions!

We don't want dysfunctional boys, who think they are girls, in our daughter's sports!

Until these low end voters stop putting these corrupt fools in office, there will never be a change.

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I fully agree with your sentiments on the range of issues you listed.

I am suggesting that the warring factions should try to find some common ground and publicly, accentuate their areas of agreement in an atmosphere of harmony and camaraderie.

The nation is pulling itself apart and in the process countless innocent people, young and old are being slaughtered over ideologies which could be temporarily placed well down the priority list until some semblance of national unity is achieved.

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I look at the root causes of problems in our nation, and sickened by politicians using tragedies for personal gain.

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Abortions were illegal in the past, and another possible reason why life was held in higher regard.

Drugs were not so easily available in the past.

It does not take rocket science to understand the changes taking place in America's culture today, but all we hear about are guns!

People had more respect for Yahweh and the Bible. Taking prayer out of schools, spitting on God, disrespecting the Bible, and hating Christians, is the far left's favorite game.

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Yes, the lie of separation of Church and State has been the greatest reason for the breakdown in our culture.

Jet accord (I agree)! We need to pray, and spread the gospel...........................................................................................................

I'm still waiting for someone to explain this phenomenon of a Gun being the reason why people decide to mass murder complete strangers.

If the gun was not causing this phenomenon decades ago, why would it be the cause today?

They had far fewer restrictions on gun sales decades ago... AND NO MASS SHOOTINGS!

They have far more gun restrictions today... AND WE HAVE MASS SHOOTINGS!