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We have achieved significant milestones in the past few weeks...come take a look

In the past few weeks we have achieved the following major milestones:


600,000+ votes cast

320,000+ arguments written

30,000+ debates created

and most recently....

50,000 registered users!


We are growing and starting to pick up speed.  I want to thank all of you for being a significant part of that growth!  Please continue to come and debate, share the site with others and please click a few appropriate advertisements as that is what is funding the site.


Thank you again for your efforts to make this the best social debate site on the internet!

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Yay for CreateDebate!

Way to go! Them's some impressive milestones. Keep it up!

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Wheeeeeeeeeeeee !

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Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to go on SodaHell, oops, SodaHead, and do some free advertizing.

Lol this made my day. I love this site and I know others do too. This site is so amazing. :)

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Congratulations! Good job everyone to being here and making effort on this site and for everyone's activity on here.

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Good job guys, by being friends we have reached our goal of turning something that once was to something that still is. Hope this helps:)