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Of course Nah. Keep them BAD people out
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We have state borders and city limits. Should we be allowed to cross those lines?


Truly..  I do not WANT foreign city dwellers to cross over into my city..  They bring disease, bad morals and I really don't like their color..

Why aren't my city limits the same as our nations border?


Of course

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Nah. Keep them BAD people out

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Not illegally. So if you are on probation, or on the registry or banished from Ohio you should obey the law and respect borders. Also, if you want to go into some other country, they are gonna have border laws that you should follow. And you better follow em because literally all other countries don't fuck around with that. Do you know how to become a Japanese citizen? First, you have to be Japanese. Fuckin racist Americans.

Side: Nah. Keep them BAD people out
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Just as most people have boundary/security walls and doors to keep the dregs of society out of their homes, so nations have borders for exactly the same reason.

Once a society becomes inflicted with the political dogma of the loony left-wing progressives the contamination of criminal emigrants kicks in and soon the filth have appropriated the urban areas which are out of bounds for most decent folk, especially after dark.

One of the prime functions of any government is the protection of its citizens.

The loony-leftists, ( YOU KNOW,- THE GUYS YOU VOTED INTO [POWER) however have abandoned this fundamental principle in favour of opening the flood gates to the Latino gypsies many of whom are drug-smugglers, people traffickers, rapists, muggers as well as an array of out and out criminals.

The U.S.A., was made into the greatest nation on earth by those settlers with the pioneering spirit, ambition, and the ability to build an ordered and civilized society.

For decades now the Loony-leftists have fostered the influx of life's losers who came to our land, and continue to do so, after all the hard and dangerous work was done.

THE UPSHOT IS;- it's much too late, we brought the ''TROJAN HORSE'' into our country and the low-lives are in the process of turning America into a Latino type third world country, aided and abetted by Biden and his coven of witches.

Side: Nah. Keep them BAD people out