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We have too many people to blame things on - let us just pick one.

Let us go over the list of people who made the list of "those responsible for our sad state of affairs."

I've seen debates blaming Obama for the economy which kinda makes sense since Trump can do no wrong.  Hell, I blame Obama for Trump's presidency.  When Obama was elected, people realized anyone can truly be president.  Even if you're born in Kenya!  So, why not Trump?  He was the most entertaining out of all the candidates at the time.  And Americans value entertainment more than anything.  Which is why football players and actors can make more than a brain surgeon. 

The Russians are being blamed for hacking the election.  So they made the list.

Now I know that Climate Change is not a person but a lot gets blamed on climate change.  Oh, and the Corona Virus is being blamed for the economy.  So let us add those to the list too.

We used to blame the terrorist but that has fallen out of favor.  Especially since we've been kicking their ass for over a decade.  But we can probably get a few more miles out of blaming them.

OK.  The list is quite long but there are only two options in option debates so we have to consolidate this list.

Since climate change and the corona virus are not people, we can't pick them.  And we are currently on good terms with the Russians so we can't blame them either.  We could probably blame climate change, the corona virus, and election hacking on the terrorist, so let's dot that.  OK, that leaves Obama and the terrorist.  So let us pick one of those and blame everything on them.

Obama is to blame

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Blame the terrorist

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I blame the terrorist on Obama and the terrorist are already being blamed for climate change, the corona virus and election hacking, so... I blame Obama for everything. The fact that Obama is a liberal is just icing on the cake ;)

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I wanted to blame everything on the liberals but I decided to give them a break ;)

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You yourself are to blame for your problems assuming you don't have a disease you didn't cause or a serious birth defect.

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While I'm posting on this side (no other to choose), neither of these is the real problem. In fact, the only person, thing, event that you can blame is right in front of you.... no, look down... a little further... craning your neck now...good. See that person down there? Yeah, that's who to blame. (It's easier to do this experiment in the mirror, less hard on your neck - just look straight ahead into it)

All jokes aside, it's you.... and me.... and everyone else.... mankind.

See, the truth is, we are all such depraved people, that we could literally do NO good without the sovereign hand of God in our lives. Without it, we will do bad, horrible things all the time, endlessly. The thing you're looking to blame is sin nature, and it's in all of us. The reason terrorist terrorize, viruses kill, presidents be presidents, and Russians hack is sin nature. No one is free from it, no one can claim to abstain, everyone is affected and it all started at the beginning of creation. From there on, people kept learning new ways to steal, kill, and destroy and it continues today. That's why we are to blame, everyone of us. We all look God in the face everyday and say, "I don't care that you decided to put me on this earth and die in my place so that I could master sin, instead I will curse your name by doing exactly what you told me not to do... every... time. It is only by the grace of God working through people that we can actually do some good in this world! Beyond that, though, it is all our fault.

So, stop the endless game we humans love to play of finding things to blame and start blaming yourself! Start blaming me! Start blaming everyone you see, because it is all our faults! However, you can't change me, you can't change (fill in the blank). All you can change is yourself. So, start blaming yourself and start changing yourself, and so will I! Our world will be MUCH better off when we start taking responsibility for the mess we put ourselves in.

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-------------------------Could it beeeeee..... SATAN?!?!?!?!?!

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