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 We know the Democrats are confused about Fossil Fuel (1)

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We know the Democrats are confused about Fossil Fuel

Climate Change believers that oppose Fossil Fuel stormed the field of the Harvard / Yale football game at halftime to protest.
These people think that a protest will help with what they supposedly believe in but it falls on deaf ears.
All these protesters had to get to the stadium some how was it by horse and buggy.

The best part of the insanity is that Fossil Fuel haters have a phone made of plastic and without plastic they would not have a phone.  

I do enjoy watching the Democrats spin out with their malfunctioning brains.
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How many Democrats need glasses.

How many Democrats use a computer.

How many Democrats wear tennis shoes.

How many Democrats ride a bicycle.

Will wind and solar provide any of the above petroleum needs for Democrats.

BurritoLunch(2403) Clarified
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How many Democrats need glasses.

I have had to start wearing glasses in recent years. Very depressing because it makes me feel old. I only really need them for reading, but since I spend most of my life stuck in front of a computer anyway, I rarely take them off.

Chinaman(1998) Clarified
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So your glasses and your computer are not made of any plastic.