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We need Re-education camps for Muslim Americans

Howdy y'all.
I'm here today to talk about Arabs:
A.K.A. Camel Jockeys
A.K.A. Sand Monkeys
A.K.A. Diaper Heads
A.K.A. Goat Fuckers
A.K.A. Weak ass scary punk bitch Terrorists.

They gotta go.
If they want to stay here they need to prove their loyalty to The United States of America. We need to round them all up right now and "re-educate" them before it goes any further.

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You're joking right?

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I think we need re-education for all religious people. They are insane.

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SatintLater(283) Disputed
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Clinically or by your estimation? That is the question.

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Ignoramis(381) Clarified
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Historically, all religious people tend to kill people of religions that are very similar to their own.

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I've met white Catholics who did strange things with animals, they simply didnt get as much publicity. In fact, since I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood and was Catholic, I know all the nitty gritty.

The media isn't going to fool me.

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The Muslims are ruining the U.S.A. With all the terrorism, I think that they do need to be relocated and re-educated. Maybe not even allowed in this country anymore like Donald Trump implied.

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The vast majority of Muslims are pure Americans. They love this country and many fight in our military. Putting them in camps is absurd, unamerican, and unconstitutional. It will also just validate the jihadists ideas that the West is at war with Muslims. You'd just prove them right. We need to speak out against Islam and fundamentalism in the public sphere. I'll be the first one to say fuck Islam. But putting people in camps is wholly immoral

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Ayemaker(237) Disputed
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Killing a bunch of unarmed hippies(fags)is wholly immoral as well. Are we supposed to just let that type of thing continue to happen?

Who cares about it being unamerican? I don't, that's for damn sure. We need to nip this shit in the bud.

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Black_Death4(4) Disputed
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You talk like its a mistake of entire Muslim race that this shooting happened. Would white people be re-Educated because of what KKK did ? Also what about the shooting that are done by other people in schools ? A person who kills doesn't represent the entire race to which he belongs

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That would be un-Amerian. Let them in or don't, you can have cultural school to teach them English and how things work here, but no "Re-education" bullshit.

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Nah, we Americans are the ones who need to be educated. I mean lets face it, we're idiots.

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