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We need to have more speech laws in the United States to protect minorities


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First of all. Yes! There is free speech. BUT.. if free speech hurts other people, then how is it even affective, why do we need it then?

What i'm saying isn't. that there should be laws against it, but restrictions! Racist public speeches shouldn't be allowed imo

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The keystone of democracy is free speech. Free and democratic populations must be free to discuss any and every social topic to make informed decisions about which politician has the correct policies which will successfully prevent social problems, or address these problems when they arise. Claiming that speech should be censored to protect dysfunctional minorities is simply political censorship by another name. Left wing politicians are protecting their dysfunctional minority electorates from well deserved criticism by claiming to be advocating a noble purpose. it is not a noble purpose at all. It is self interest posing as altruism. Limiting free speech always leads to denying free speech. Denying free speech leads to totalitarianism.

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