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We no longer need neighbours. Do you agree?

Living in a densely populated environment, having good neighbours matters, especially in a multi-racial society like ours in Singapore, where we may have neighbours of different races. It is indeed heartening to hear of neighbourly exchanges of joy and mutual house visits during one another’s festive celebrations. Just as we continue to live in harmony with existing neighbours whom we know, we should also extend the right hand of friendship to help our new neighbours settle in. Our community has been enriched with more people of different cultures and backgrounds compared to the past as more foreigners come here to work and live amongst us. If our new neighbours are also new immigrants to Singapore, then we, as good neighbours, can also help them integrate into our society.


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I think you may have mistitled this debate, as the description seems to indicate that you think neighbors, pardon my American, are important. Besides, it's not like neighbors are really an option. The population is so large that it's hard to live in most regions without being near other people. If you think about it, our society is built on neighbors, as they are one of the primary means of person-to-person interaction. Now we have the internet, but then that just opens up the availability of cyber-neighbors. Look at the definition of neighbor. From Merriam Webster Online: 1 : one living or located near another

2 : fellow man (i.e., a kindred human being). Geographical neighbors may be on the decline, but things like the intrawebz are allowing people to be more and more in touch. So, in the words of Mr. Rogers, won't you be my neighbor?

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I don't agree to it as I believe that living in Singapore, we will need neighbours unless we are staying in the jungles. The houses ranging from HDB - Semi-detached or even Bungalow will still need a neighbour as they can help us take care of our property when we are out and we can celebrate each other's festivals when the time comes. It brings our the happiness in life and makes life brighter instead of dull. Neighbours can also be a form of consultation if you really trust them and could sometimes be the play-mate or talking partner of the old ones in our houses.

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There's nothing like good neighbors and it's really nice when neighbors become friends. I live in a condo complex with 28 units in it and whenever someone goes away they let me know so I can keep an eye on things for them. If an unexpected package shows up I'll pick it up for them and hold it until they get back from business or vacation. I'm home all of the time and when I walk my dog I notice what's going on and who is in the complex. People know that I'll err on the side of caution and take care of things for them and I'm happy to do it.

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