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 We should move to Georgia because they cherish all innocent human life with a heart beat. (1)

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We should move to Georgia because they cherish all innocent human life with a heart beat.

The radical pro abortion Democrat Party will now send out it's radical feminist attack dogs to demonize Georgia for having the compassion and humanity to protect our unborn children with beating hearts. The Bill would still allow extreme case abortion exceptions.

It's funny how the Democrat Party cares only for a woman's convenience, but nothing for an innocent unborn life. Why do you suppose that is? Oh that's right, women can vote for Democrats. That baby can not vote!

It's no shock that Rich greedy Liberals in Hollywood are threatening to boycott Georgia if they pass the Bill into law.

I applaud any State that takes a stand on humanity and innocent human life. I hope any potential loss of income from barbaric Hollywood would be replaced by people of conscience who would love to live and do business in States with the compassion and tolerance for all innocent human beings.
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The Democrat Party never wants you to realize there are TWO lives involved in a pregnancy. NOT JUST THE MOTHER'S LIFE!

The GOP always allows extreme case abortion exceptions, so what we are talking about are the innocent lives snuffed out purely for convenience.

If you actually possess the compassion and tolerance you claim to possess for innocent life, take a stand and support State's like Georgia.

The Bill also goes after the dead beat fathers who walk out on their children, leaving tax payers to pay.