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 Weather Alert : The Left only has 18 months to " Save the Planet " LMAO !!!!!!!!! (7)

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Weather Alert : The Left only has 18 months to " Save the Planet " LMAO !!!!!!!!!

Joe Romm at "Think Progress" reveals his " Fear Mongering "
November 3, 2020 — the U.S. presidential election — is the deadline for Americans who do not want to destroy the health and well-being of current generations, their children, and future generations. If Trump is reelected, the prospects for the necessary national and global cuts in carbon pollution by 2030 will be gone."

Mark Ruffalo at the " BBC " reveals the real " Reality " of his fears !!!!!
" Twelve years to save the Earth ? Make that 18 months..........
There is a growing consensus that the next year and a half  are key in the battle against rising temperatures."

So what are the Wacked Out Climate Believers going to do when this new deadline passes ???????
Will there be more of endless fear mongering about the death of the planet ????????

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One of the quickest ways to cut back on CO2 production would be to quit making movies with gross amounts of electricity and machinery use, and to quit flying performers and crew to 'locations'. Maybe Ruffalo can be the first to swear off.

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Democrats have been wrong numerous times already; doomsday passes, nothing happens, and the only outcome is a new doomsday prediction.

This is the Democrat version of science. "Climate change!" is just another tactic for turning idiots into useful idiots and keeping them in the fold.

Mark Ruffalo and Joe Romm are useful idiots by design.

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One of the elements of good management/government is being able to identify a potential problem and dealing with it before it becomes a crisis.

History clearly shows that instead of the world's decision makers acting on sound expert advice they wait until they have to react to the catastrophes which their own stubborn inertia caused.

Future generations will curse us, all of us, into hell, for the bubbling poisonous inferno we're going to bequeath to them.

outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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Well all i know is that the fear mongering of Earth ending due to man inhabiting the Earth is very old and boring now. Government cannot heal the Earth they are only mere mortals that do not have that power.

Cocopops(343) Clarified
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Hi Outlaw.

I'm sure we all have become weary of the mixed messages issued by the scientific elite on this subject but I feel we should study the reports dispassionately and filter out the few self-contradictory statements and concentrate on the actual measurable results.

Almost every day we're hearing global weather announcements about record rainfall, record high temperatures, landslides etc.

Governments are the only institutions which can introduce the recommendations which were agreed upon at the Paris Agreement on a worldwide basis.

Instead of letting them and ourselves off the hook we should be lobbying them to endorse and execute the expert's proposals.

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My opinion is that climate change is a reality and to ignore or pooh pooh the potential of this rapidly approaching catastrophe would be grossly irresponsible.

The industrial nations must urgently formulate a united strategy to dramatically reduce the amount of Co2 gas their factories and industrial processes discharge into the atmosphere.

It is important that all the industrial nations implement the much needed Co2 reduction measures in unison and with total transparency.

China which produces almost twice the levels of Co2 gasses as The U.S.A., pays lip service to 'The Paris Agreement' while belching out some 27% of the world's destructive chemicals as opposed to America's 14%.

President Trump was, in my opinion too overt and honest by declaring his scepticism to the climate change warnings and his withdrawal from the U.N.F.C.C.C. Paris Agreement.

Should he have followed the Chinese strategy of bellowing support for the reduction in green-house gas emissions while continuing as usual and been more popular?

outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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The Paris Accord is a meaningless piece of paper or papers for which Obie signed so he could throw tax dollars at it just to keep the minions on the left happy. Trump was never going to be popular with the American Left no matter what he has done. All those countries that signed onto the supposed Agreement were there to fleece taxpayers and Obie was quite fine with that.

Bootstrap(226) Clarified
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The Paris Accord is a meaningless piece of paper or papers for which Obie signed so he could throw tax dollars at it just to keep the minions on the left happy.

So it denies Obama got bin Laden??

What idiocy is this?????

Cocopops(343) Clarified
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Hi Outlaw, The Paris Agreement may only be a document confirming that the leaders of the world's industrial nations recognise the urgent necessity to address climate change even though many of them, apparently, do not intend to honour their commitments.

I feel it would be wrong to reject the well founded scientific certitudes upon which the agreement was based due to the probable ulterior motives of some of the more dubious characters charged with the implementation of its recommendations.

The personalities should not be allowed to taint or detract from what is probably one of the most important climatic reports of the 21st century.

outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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First let me say this a bunch of Leftist Elitist jet off to Paris to preach to us about Man made Climate Change that drips of Hypocrisy. Now if computer models can predict the end of the Earth then why can't those same computer models predict the weather in 2020. Do not mean any disrespect as to what you might believe but i have been hearing the same old tired rhetoric since the 1970's. Every doomsday prediction comes and goes but the drum beat continues. Check Al Gore's Doomsday prediction guess what that did not work out. Climate Chaos is nothing more than a Government of Elitist trying to control the masses and i must say i will not buy into that and neither should anyone else that can see what is taking place around them by the powers that be.

They don't seem to be in too big of a hurry. Maybe it's because they don't believe the shit.

outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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There was Global Cooling , Global Warming and whatever else they could come up with and it's Climate Change now. I would challenge any keyboard warrior out there to explain the cost of replacing the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine that explanation is for dummies)

worldwide !

seanB(959) Disputed
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You don't understand the science.

It has always been the case that global warming via the release of greenhouse gases and the decimation of lifeforms which offset this process, are the causes of anthropogenic climate change.

It's really that simple.

Climate change is happening too fast, because humans are warming the world up too fast. This will, if left unchecked, lead to a warming cascade, which will cause Earth to become uninhabitable long, long before it would have otherwise.

This has already happened through natural processes on Venus, a planet whose atmosphere contained concentrations of greenhouse gasses and water vapour which were too high to be offset by other processes.

Venus is now hotter than the surface of the sun.

Solution? Leave fossil fuels in the ground, plant more trees and plants, and encourage the growth of ocean organisms which convert CO2 into oxygen, by cleaning up the oceans and restoring the natural balance.

If we do all of this immediately, we can save the Earth.

Economic cost is, frankly, a less significant problem. If we don't stop this now, the economy will fucking tank faster than ever in history anyway. What happens when you get temperatures so high that millions or even billions of people have to move away from the equatorial regions? The economy tanks. What happens when islands and flat countries get flooded to badly that millions or billions have to move away from flat countries? the economy tanks.

Disregarding this completely, the human and environmental costs of inaction are far, far greater than any economic costs you can imagine. Saving the Earth for the long term is more important than that. If we don't, then the rule of law, the economy, the fabric of a civilised Earth, will break anyway. There won't be an economy to worry about when billions of people are scrambling over each other for food, water and land.

This is, make no mistake, a crisis. It is the single biggest hurdle humanity has to overcome if this planet is going to live long enough to see us take off into the stars. Otherwise, we will become extinct, along with our precious economy.

And all your reservations won't save you. But I suppose you don't care, because you'll not be still living to see the consequences of your inaction.

You are betraying the future of our species, and you seem fine with that.