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Welcome to My Funeral.

Frisbee inventor Ed Headrick died in 2002. His dying wish was to have his ashes mixed into a line of frisbee . His wish was granted by his wife ,as she poured his ashes into the mix. There is now about 500 frisbees' out there in the world either being flung  , chewed by a dog , getting stuck up a tree , or as he hoped , accidently landing on someones roof ,with his ashes embedded in them. I bet he is smiling .

Do you want a buriel ,

Do you want to be creamated ,

Do you want to be embalmed like an asian food display ?

Do you want people to be sobbing and speaching that you were the best ?


Would you prefer people spoke honestly of you after your death ?

OK So basically what i am saying is that its your funeral  and your wake , so how would you like it to be ?Smile

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I want a funny funeral :)

And a naked wake ;)

I have many back and forth thoughts on this buriel vs creamation thing.

I wanted to be buried so the bugs could eat me , but then the thought of being buried alive scares me .

So i thought about cremation , and how i would want everyone to recieve a sealed locket with my ashes inside , but..

My friend who grew up in a funeral parlour said some things that changed my mind.

I thought about being embalmed and laid in a gothic white gown ,clasping bloodred roses , encased in a glass coffin and not burried but placed atop my buriel plot.

But when some guy did something similar with his wifes' body , and put her in a glasscoffin , and used her as a coffee table , it kind of put me off.

So i finally thought about how when i wanted time out i would visit my fathers grave , and sit there all day , laying down and just spilling my guts to dad . So many times i slept there when i was a runaway. It felt so safe and no-one would dare bother me out of respect. Even when i would be there in a sobbing mess smoking a j cussing away.

So i decided that i will be buried afterall (after confirming im really dead) , and having a chair , no cross ,no religious icons , just a chair.

My chair will be there for Anyone who wants time out to pour it all out. And it will clearly be etched with an invite to do so.

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I used to think the whole burial thing was sort of silly as well. I mean, where does the closure come from in seeing a corpse set out in a box when you know they're dead and not coming back?

I still feel like the way we practice funerals is kind of wasteful, but I understood it a little better when one of my oldest friends died the summer after high school and I went to her wake. I was expecting it to be horrible and grotesque, but it was nice in a way I can't pin down. It was really sweet to see all the flowers people were bringing. It was good to see her face again restored to look like her instead of how it had changed in the accident. Even though she was dead it made me feel a little better that she was resting barefoot in her favorite sundress surrounded by silk pillows instead of being worm food or ash right away. And even though it was so cold, I could still kiss her goodbye on the forehead.

I just hope whatever mine is it's like that - that I'm presented as if I was a well loved and regarded person who people cared enough about to put in a silly, expensive plush box in clothes I like and surround with dead plants.