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 Westboro to go to Iraq. Your thoughts? (9)

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Westboro to go to Iraq. Your thoughts?

I have provided a link below.

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3 points

Kooks protesting kooks.... does it get any more perverse?

Lets hope not. I swear that this church is mentally ill. .

2 points

Oh, happy day!

Ha, I know, right? I dont feel sorry for them at all. .

1 point

What. The actual f*ck.

1 point

This is all kinds of terrible idea. American domestic fanatics aggravating an already tumultuous situation where U.S. involvement is already a tight-wire. Yep; no way this could go wrong.

I agree. I am also worried that they will cause a war. .

tmackenzie44(13) Disputed
1 point

Or the people over there will either kill them or send them back to us, because they can't stand the shit that comes out of WBC's mouth.