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What Are You Passionate About?

if not entirely passionate about anything then just pick your favourite hobby or thing you like to do. or not even your favourite.

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History, gay rights, meditation, drinking pretentious coffee, soppy and emotional music, being British, films like Bridget Jones's diary and a few other things.

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Music, philosophy, and making fun of Libertarians.

EDIT: I also like somatotyping, Jungian pyschology, and storytelling. I love doing presentations in class, working with people and guiding them. I really want to be a high school teacher when I grow up.

Passionate for Pro Life, pro equal rights for ALL people, not just constant special mention of rights for the Homosexual community. Passionate about our religious freedoms, not religious separation. Passionate over personal accountability for one's choices before living off the tax payer. Passionate over smaller Government.

Passionate over competition and games. I would much more love being home with friends and family playing games, having Bonn fires verses gabbing in bars.

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1. "equal rights for ALL people" Would include Due Process and Equal Protections rights for homosexuals as well as you and me.

2. "religious freedoms" You have opposed over a hundred years of judicial precedent allowing those of us who are not Christian to have religious freedom. How can you say you are for "religious freedom" if you want to implement changes that would force people of different religions to, for example, pay for a subsidize Christian customs within public school? If a Muslim or an Atheist has to pay for a school to implement prayer, then you are forcing them to essentially violate their religious freedom. It would be like if your tax money went towards a public Islamic call to prayer. When you give the government the power to show preferential treatment to any religion, you not only increase the size of government, but you also decrease religious freedom.

That being said, bars are so overrated. There's nothing quite like hanging outside with friends and a nice roaring bonfire, preferably with a good barbecue going on.

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Why I waste my time talking to fools is amazing. You want people of faith subsidizing your humanistic public schools with school taxes and then force them to pay tuition for the private schools of our choice. How about you paying for my child's education like I have been doing for yours for decades?


I should not have to pay for your child's school and you should not have to pay for my school! GET IT?

Of course Democrats are ALWAYS against school choice because that would not funnel all of our children into a captive public school environment where they can be indoctrinated to the PC way of thinking.

Our school taxes should go to the school of our choice. IT'S OUR MONEY! I realize you are a big government fool who wants the Government controlling every aspect of our lives.

Chemistry (looking at becoming a chemical engineer), Star Wars (hell yea!), cats (they're adorable!), mathematics (currently have 100% in pre-calculus [beat that, fakir]), abstract ideas (philosophy and stuffs), and good books with an honourable hero in a story of true love (sounds kinda sappy but whatever; I like books like that).

I'm quite nerdy so my passions revolve around cosplay, going to card shops with friends, playing card games like Magic (MTG), Yugioh, Pokemon, etc. I play D&D;and I love it. Other than that my religion is most high on the list.

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Like most awesome people , sex and money.

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@ Fromwithin. An excellent post which embraces the character and psyche' of the United States. You can openly pray to your god anywhere, airports, sky scrappers,, restaurants, busy pedestrian thoroughfares or wherever. Just kneel down and worship your god and people will make room for you and respect your right to do so. Eat and drink what you wish, where you wish and with whom you so desire without fear of being arrested and thrown in jail indefinitely. How the whinging low lives cannot recognise just how privileged they really are to live in the land of the free. The major problem is that the jaundiced attitudes of these resentful losers is so deeply ingrained that they will remain dangerously embittered for the rest of their miserable lives. Can you imagine how much a better place the world would be if all nations adopted the principles and values of America. No more executions for disagreeing with,or turning your back on the sole state approved religion. No more limb amputations for the smallest infringement of the harsh laws of their religious scriptures. Visitors to these backward states with their ruthlessly enforced superstitious religious laws could behave in a manner more compatible with the customs of the homeland. No more 'one party' states where you can vote for anyone providing they belong to the communist party. Everyone fortunate enough to live in the United States of America should give thanks to their god at least twice daily for being so fortunate. Unfortunately I'm not one of them.

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Food...making food and eating food.

Love...loving from all my heart and be loved the same way.

Programming...hopefully gonna be a programmer innnn about a year.( got one more year to go from university)

Well I'm passionate about debate(heated) ,sports-any kind,traveling,couple of school subjects and a tad bit of music-any sort;Besides,not much passion in anything else.

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I like arguing with people. (50 characters seems too high; what happened to snarky quips?)

I am passionate about photography. I have my Nikon camera and I like taking jaw-dropping photos.