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 What Climate Change? Obama's finalize purchase of Oceanfront Mansion (10)

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What Climate Change? Obama's finalize purchase of Oceanfront Mansion

The sale to the Obama family of a 30-acre, oceanfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard finalized this week, making one question how seriously the former president believes in rising sea levels due to climate change.

Elite Democrats sell it's minions a bill of goods and they cannot see it.
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To Democrats :

Does Obama believe the nonsense he sold you.

Seems you Democrats are just brain dead fools and the Elite Democrats just laugh at you.

Rhyme(128) Disputed
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I don't give a ruptured breast implant

I eat raw meat, fuck ingestin' plants

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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Obama in his greatness must have slowed the rising of the oceans.

How could it be possible that a Black man in America is rich enough to buy such a mansion?

I thought only White men get rich?

I thought only Republican White men get Rich?

I guess the Democrat Party is made up of Rich men as well. What a shock!

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I thought only White men get rich?

That's so racist. You should be ashamed of yourself.

AlofRI(3263) Clarified
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To be a racist, you must have no shame. To be a racist that calls him/her self a Christian you must have mental problems …. we should take their guns away! :-)

AlofRI(3263) Clarified
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You are SO immature. That's a Trump level argument! 7th grade! (generously ;-) !

Rhyme(128) Disputed
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I'm going to crucify your mother fucking nipples

shove a whole pickle

into your dickhole

until it's crippled

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It's a very poor argument to say: Obama bought a beach front house, therefore global warming is a myth.

Very poor, indeed.

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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His OBVIOUS point is if Rich Democrats truly believed the Oceans were rising at alarming rates, they would not invest in mansions on the ocean.

Al Gore told us a few decades ago that these Ocean front homes would be sitting in water today!

AlofRI(3263) Clarified
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Not THOSE ocean front homes. This is New England. Most of the islands rise well above even the highest waves. Thirty foot waves wouldn't even come close to many of OUR ocean front homes. Taylor Swift has an ocean front home about 20 minutes from me. NO WAY is the ocean going to reach her home. Now, there are many that ARE in danger, and, from Jersey, south, it's a different story.

His OBVIOUS point is, buy one high enough. And NO! Al Gore did not say "today" …. but it IS coming. Have you seen Naples lately?? There are several islands in the Pacific that must be, or already have been, evacuated. Manhattan is VERY worried! If Trump had the sense of a louse (and he SHOULD have …. naturally ;-), HE would know this, and I think he DOES. It's just not "convenient" for him to say this, for one thing …. because it's NOT a lie ….. :-)! YOU, on the other hand YOU have an excuse. You quite naturally believe lies, it's your "thing".