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What Do You Think About Our USA Government?

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2 points

I think they're a bunch of cunts.

(You asked and I answered :D)

They need to stop caring about money so much and start worrying about society and the people (esp. working class) who make the country run.

2 points

What do you think that I'll think? You think that I'll actually agree with a single thing that they do? I couldn't care less about a government not smart enough to realize that I'd be the best leader.

2 points

I think government is like totally cute and I hope they will be my valentine!

What do you think of that new kid, Haiti? What a disaster! No one is gonna ask them to the school dance!

1 point

Makes me think of axis powers hetalia. ;]

For anyone who doesn't know who it is, it's an anime and the characters are nations. It's mostly light hearted and fun.

2 points

If the government was one person, I would have one thought about it...

"Get off my freedom, jackass."

2 points

I think it comes down to this. Who can best make the decisions to govern your own life? You, or business suits at a desk? Remember capitalism, fame, Hollywood, and immaturity runs this nation.

1 point

Hm well you should define "Our Government" because their are people from different parts of the world on here.

Anyway, the US government should be striped of A LOT of power.

Back in the good old days before Abe Lincoln declare the civil war on the south, the states had more power over themselves. Now it's vice-versa the government has more power over states then the states have over themselves.

Thanks Lincoln you Fed up states independence's!

Side: less US gov power
brycer2012(1002) Disputed
1 point

The only reason why the U.S government has more power over the states is because having the states so powerful wasn't working. It was more like separate countries under the same name instead of being united.

Side: less US gov power
Sulith(508) Disputed
1 point

No the reason is because Abraham Lincoln after the Civil War (He started) took away the power of the states because he believed they had to much power.

The South wanted to separate from the Union because Lincoln was taxing the shit out of them with tariffs. The South was the Physical labor side of the country and they got their supplies from countries in Europe.

So after the war Lincoln took away many of the states rights so they could NOT resist the Tariffs and what not.

Also, after taking away more rights from states the government gained more over them, enabling them to put even MORE taxes on the people in the South so the government would make more money.

The civil war was all about money and power, NOT about slavery.

Side: less US gov power

Yes!!! less power + lower taxes=more freedom and choice-------

Side: Shut up and lead
ReichPride(49) Disputed
1 point

No taxes + no power = more freedom and choice.

Taxes + power = authority taken from the person and is transferred to the nation. Your freedom is as far as the end of the chain around your neck.

Side: anarchy now and forever
1 point

Anarchist!! Absolute liberty may be desirable. Government is a nuisance. A state of lawlessness is something that I would not prefer. Government creates social structure.

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil." Thomas Paine, Common Sense.

Side: anarchy now and forever