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What Do You Want Your Funeral to be Like?

Or wake or no funeral at all.... whatever

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Okay.... up until about ten minutes I didn't want a funeral, but I just saw this escape artist... he was pushed out of an airplane locked in a casket but that's not important right now. After a die I want everyone to gather in an open field to pay their respects (or disrespects, whatever) and I want my dead body inside the casket, pushed out of an airplane to come smashing down in the field before all the mourners! That'll give 'em something to remember.

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What if it lands on one of the mourners? Two funerals in one!

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Well... it's someone else's job to figure out the details.... I'm dead.

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A guy in a bunny costume suspending me with puppet strings making me do the actions to "if you're happy on your know it, clap your hands". It would be awesome - everyone feeling obliged to sit there and watch it.

Since the way I'm gonna die is probably by falling into a crevice because I thought I could make the one will know I'm dead so no funeral.

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I want people to smoke weed and listen to sitar music. ;)

I want people to sit around, roasting marshmallows, as my body is being cremated ;)

I hope that when I leave this world I leave a sweet taste in your mouth ;)

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A celebration.

I want to warn everyone that if you cry at my funeral, I will never talk to you again.