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 What Has Trump Sacrificed? (40)

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What Has Trump Sacrificed?

For those of you who don't know, the father of a Muslim America vet who died in combat spoke out against Trump at the DNC, saying that unlike his son, Trump has sacrificed nothing.  Trump, durring his response, claimed that "I think I have made a lot of sacrifices.  I work very, very hard".

What sacrifices do you believe Trump has made that come close to dying in the armed forces, or having a child die in the armed forces?
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I didn’t see anything about what Trump said that implied he felt he had made as many or more sacrifices than the late vet or his parents. He was simply responding to a statement that he evidently felt was erroneous which was that he had sacrificed “nothing”. Perhaps Trump has made sacrifices in his life to get to where he is but don’t many people? I appreciate the pain this family must be feeling at losing their son but imo it was unfair of the father to attack Trump in that way when firstly he does not know him intimately and secondly Trump had not made any prior comment about them. It was unnecessary. Just keep your speech to the memory of your child, there was no need to single out anyone to malign.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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Look at it this way: Trump regularly talks and acts as if Muslims do not contribute to this country. The father, feeling offended by this, obviously brings up his son who died in our armed forces, in order to demonstrate that his family has sacrificed a lot for this country. Then, in anger, he questions what sort of equivalent sacrifice Trump has made (notable since no member of Trump's family has served).

Trump didn't need to make a prior comment about them specifically, because he has already said that he believes those individuals (the parents) shouldn't have been allowed to immigrate here in the first place. I'd say that makes it perfectly fair and justifiable for them to attack Trump, especially considering they are doing so at the Democratical National Convention, a place where people always criticize the given election's Republican candidate.

It really wasn't 'out of Left field' (ha).

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Fair enough, well explained. I will also concede that Trump's response was not perfect and could have been far more tactful so as not to reinforce any perceived prejudice.

It depends on how you define sacrifice. Here's what Merriam Webster thinks:

Full Definition of sacrifice

1 an act of offering to a deity something precious; especially : the killing of a victim on an altar

2 something offered in sacrifice

3 A : destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else; b : something given up or lost; the sacrifices made by parents.

4 loss as in goods sold at a sacrifice

Now, let's analyze this...

1- Was a Deity involved? Unless he "give up" his life for Allah like a suicide bomber, probably not. There was also no altar involved. No sacrifice here.

2 - Did he offer his life? Probably not. He was most likely was trying to eliminate a danger without harming himself. He was blown up by a car bomb. No sacrifice here.

3 - Did he voluntarily give up something? Nope, he wasn't trying to get blown up. He volunteered to go potentially in harms way, but wasn't trying to get killed. Did the parents offer their son at the altar to satisfy some God? Nope. No sacrifice here.

4 - Did he sell goods at a discount? There was no sale made in this transaction. No sacrifice here.

Upshot: No sacrifices were made and therefore, Trump has given up as much as the soldier and parents in question have.

Thank you.

Supporting Evidence: Sacrifice Defined (
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Since you are, as you so often do, dishonestly ignoring the primary definitions of a word so as to avoid the obvious point, I feel the need to point out that the actual primary definition of the word based on the very link you have given is:

"the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone"

You knew that was the definition used in this context, I know it, we all know it.

Enough with this dishonest crap, HighFalutin. It doesn't help anyone.

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I did not see that, however, he didn't give up his life; it was taken.

Thank you for allowing me to enlighten you.

DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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The Democrat does not like to be challenged. It is very disturbing for the world of uninformed for which you make an existence. Dishonest crap is solely owned by the party you support Democrat.

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Lol, what about hillary, don't think she's sacrificed much xD

Seriously I'm going to hold each and every one of you American fuckers accountable if you elect Hillary and she starts WWIII...

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I think it is safe to say that the stress of being a business man cost him his natural hair.

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His good name. His reputation will be unrepairable after this election. That's what he sacrificed....his valuable name.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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He hasn't sacrificed anything before this election?

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Clearly sacrificed his morals, or at least left them at the door about a year ago.

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You Democrats only use a narrative to advance your agenda. Talking as if you care about the military is nothing but a joke. Tell me Democrat what has Obama done for the Veterans Administration that would be absolutely nothing. We shall take a look at the military and the numbers. The Army’s latest headcount shows that nearly 2,600 soldiers departed active service in March without being replaced, an action that plunges manning to its lowest level since before World War II. During the past year the size of the active force has been reduced by 16,548 soldiers, the rough equivalent of three brigades.

End strength for March was 479,172 soldiers, which is 154 fewer troopers than were on active duty when the Army halted the post-Cold War draw down in 1999 with 479,424 soldiers, the smallest force since 1940, when the active component numbered 269,023 soldiers.

Tell me Democrat how you really care about the military.

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Carry the water you ignorant Democrat. You are devoid of any real facts because you must carry that heavy water pail as the mindless fool you expose yourself to be.

Chris Matthews said of Patrica Smith’s speech at the RNC who's son was killed in Benghazi “I think it was wrong, I don’t care what that woman up there — the mother — has felt. Her emotions are her own.”

Men who now die in war have become a concern for you Democrats. Why don't you just spare us all the bullshit you are trying to push.

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He's sacrificed his natural hair.

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When he loses this election (badly, and fully disgraced and discredited) he will have sacrificed his public persona which allowed him up until then to cash in on public interest, such as through reality TV shows, talk shows, and such. Granted he will always have some core group that still love him despite the maniac that he is, so I'm not saying he will go away, but that group is not the majority in this country, and once the majority have firmly rejected him his ability to convince the media or entertainment industry to get behind him will have become neutered. From a professional standpoint he would have been better served by coming close to being the nominee but not quite getting it. Now that he's the guy a floodgate has been opened which will wash away too much of this image he banks on.

Wait and see.