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 What Should the Next Constitutional Amendment Be? (9)

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What Should the Next Constitutional Amendment Be?

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No member of congress shall be backed by a corporation. Just for once I would like to see a country ruled by the voice of its people and not the puppets long ago bought and paid for by giant corporations.

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Well, I'm all for capitalism but I agree with this... Term limits alone might solve the problem though. But maybe not, the POTUS can only serve two terms, 8 years, yet he is still very influenced by big money.

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A long time ago giant corporations like banks, oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, agribusiness companies, weapons manufacturers, etc learned one of the best investments they could ever make was to buy a politician. Now there are some independents left who haven't been bought out yet but the thing is the system is designed to preserve those with money to back them up. you need at least 300 000$ just to run for senate, or congress etc, and most people who have the ideology or motivation to make positive changes in the country are average people who can't afford to do that. It really saddens me that that is the political situation you have in America where Democrats say they stick up for those without money and stand for progress but lie to get in all the while being bought and paid for since the beginning, while republicans tell you right from the get go they are pro-rich and pro-corporate america. Money really does corrupt and when you have a 14.6 trillion dollar GDP there is a lot at stake and buying politicians here and there pays off quite nicely.

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Corporations will lose power once government is no longer powerful. It's almost impossible to stop corporations from supporting politicians... they always will. As well, this country still has the First Amendment, and it would be counter-productive to try and increase freedom by taking away freedom.

We can dismantle this system of bureaucracy, where the government itself is the largest corporation in the world. Make it so that government is no longer in charge of which company gets what and who can benefit from what.

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Freedom to do whatever I please.


Side: Freedom of substance use
Hellno(17762) Disputed
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You're not that anonymous, I know who you are .

Side: Freedom of substance use
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I would love to see an amendment stating that each being's body is solely their own property, and as such, only they have the final authority on what is done to it. That would take care of a few social issues in one go, wouldn't it?

The Drug War

Abortion (probably not what you are thinking...the body of the baby belongs only to itself, not the mother. You made your choice to risk pregnancy, sweetheart, now deal with the consequences.)

Assisted Suicide

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A servant to the people shall not rob from its' master. A member of Congress and the President shall not be paid any higher than those that place him/her in office. Rate set at the current poverty rate.

Health insurance will be covered under the same plan as those of the voters. If no plan exist, then they will have to cover themselves. Upon an injury (gun shot wound, etc) invoked while servicing their country, the country will fill any lapse of medical expenses.

No pension, retirement plan etc. than that already provided by State and Federal government; social security, Medicare, etc.

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